• July

    As a mentioned in a previous post (Training for a Try-a-Tri), the swimming aspect of the mini-triathlon is my most feared portion. So, I’ve decided to handle the challenge in steps.

    1. Swim 400-1000m in a swimming pool with rests
    2. Swim 400-1000m in a swimming pool without rests
    3. Swim approximately 400m in a lake with and then without rests
    4. Swim 1km in a lake with and without rests (even though the swimming aspect is shorter than 1km I want to ensure that I consider currents, other athletes distracting my pace and general panic)
    5. Practice transitions from pool to bike

    So far, I have swam about 1km in a pool with minimal rests and approximately 500m in a lake with rests. I find that the first 100-200m are pretty rough while I am trying to find my breathing and stroke rhythm. My first lake swim was today and I must say it was a bit scary with the small waves hitting my face as I turned my head to breathe. I also found the current distracting as it pushed and pulled me. My biggest fear about the swimming portion of the race is that it is in open waters (where I am unable to put my feet down if I start to panic) and the other athletes around (who may be unintentionally kicking and splashing around me).

    If anybody has a different training recommendation or advice I would appreciate it. So far I am quite proud of myself for the improvements I’ve made up till now. After the first 200m or so I find I am able to get into quite a nice rhythm and it is almost meditative with the repetition.

    What are your thoughts?

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