• August

    Over the last few days, I’ve been wracking my brain trying to think of a good topic to write my blog about. The few ideas that came to mind didn’t seem significant enough to share with people. I put off writing my blog because I didn’t think I had anything important to write about. While this may be true, ‘who cares?’ I tend to be a perfectionist and often sacrifice going for something because I don’t think it’s good enough (as mentioned in a previous post, Never Enough), or maybe that “I’m not good enough”. Gymnastics, cheerleading and the pressures to get good grades definitely contributes to this attitude and has made me very successful in certain areas of my life. However, when it starts to limit my expression and desire to take risks, I should embrace my flaws and mistakes so that I can learn from them.

    Realistically, the only people who read my blogs, right now, are friends (and the random passerby). In other words, ‘YOU’. You already know that I’m not perfect. You can probably make a really long list of the many ways in which I’m flawed (but please don’t…).

    So here it is, my imperfect blog. It’s not great but it’s honest.

    Thank you for caring about me enough to read this. And thank you for accepting me, faults and all. I realized that I would much rather try and make a hundred mistakes than not try at all.

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