• August

    My ‘Give-It-A-Tri‘ race is tomorrow and I am very excited! It all started by a ‘Persistent Thought‘ a few years ago. I always wanted to try a mini-triathlon but never had the courage to go through with it because I didn’t think my cardiovascular capacity was good enough. After really committing to the race I realized 2 things:

    1) I am in much better shape than I give myself credit for.

    2) If I really put my mind to something I can improve my skills dramatically within a short period of time.

    I took today off of training and enjoyed a very relaxing day. My confidence is at it’s peak right now and I know that not only will I be able to complete the mini-Triathlon, but my competitive spirit is definitely coming out. I am aiming to complete the entire race in approximately 1 hour. I don’t much care how I place in the entire race (however that might change when I’m being passed by other competitors during the race), rather I want to push myself to do my best. I am expecting each section to take the following times:

    Swim 400m – 15 min

    Bike 10km – 30 min

    Run 2.5km – 15 min

    The mantras that I will be saying to myself to help keep me focused will be:

    Calm – Strong – Confident – Determined – Fun – Alive

    Wish me luck and thank you for all your encouragement and support 😉 See you at the finish line…

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