• November

    The last few days I’ve been feeling especially overwhelmed with my many commitments that I have made and taken on to develop myself and my future career. These include:

    • Being a CCNM student
    • Working as a personal trainer
    • Volunteering weekly at Eva’s Initiative
    • Taking on another weekly volunteer position at Baycrest
    • NSA VP Social Representative for CCNM
    • Running my website to promote health awareness and my professional journey
    • Attending monthly conferences
    • Participating in a weekly Landmark Program (SELP)
    • Developing an Integrative Health Care project for the Geriatric population
    • Beginning my training for a Fitness Competition
    • All the while, doing my best to build strong relationships with my family, friends and boyfriend

    I get a sense of being overwhelmed while writing this and yet I am not. I am not overwhelmed because:

    1) I say that I’m not (overwhelmed is a story I tell myself when I begin to doubt that I can take on more than I have in the past) and

    2) Perspective

     This morning I got a very sad message that a client of mine had passed away from Cancer. At first, I was in shock. I could understand what had happened but it didn’t sink in. It took me getting out of my hectic surroundings to grasp that she was gone. I had a tightness in my chest as I drove past her house and it made my feelings of being overwhelmed so minuscule. My problems, however real, are so insignificant because I have the choice to do something about them.

    I then trained a client of mine whose 60th birthday is tomorrow. With his family and personal history, this is a huge milestone for him to not only reach 60 years of age, but to do it feeling healthy and strong.

    When I begin to lose sight of why I am taking on so much that’s when I get overwhelmed. My passions in life become tasks to check off and I stop living in the present. I go back to living in the past: past expectations, past experiences of success/failure, past relationships. And become too driven by my possible future.

    So what’s my solution? My goal is to give myself at least 30min in each day to reflect, meditate, read leisurely, write out a list of things to be grateful for and/ or hold compassion for myself to ‘wind down’ and get ‘present’ to my life that I am so blessed to have.

    I will also stop doing things just for the sake of staying busy and put emphasis on the things I value in my life: family, friends, supporting those in need, and of course, my health.

    I realize life is simple, I complicate it. Striving for excellence does not mean you can’t also show compassion for yourself.  Love life to the fullest and ‘Embrace the Journey’.  Do you have a similar story to share? Did you find my post helpful? I’d love to hear about your thoughts below.

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