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    Do-It-Yourself Personalized Sock Monkey!

    One of my favorite arts and crafts project over the Christmas Holidays was making a personalized Sock Monkey for my boyfriend. Here are the steps to create a unique and awesome gift:

    1. Google DIY Sock Monkey images to get some ideas of the personal touches you may want to create. Then read below to create the basic body of your monkey.
    2. Buy a pair of socks. I chose the typical ‘Grey Woolies’
    3. Get yourself a pair of scissors, a needle, thread, material to stuff the monkey (ie. Lost single socks or fabric ends), a coat hanger, and any other special materials to add to the “amazingness” of your creations
    4. Sock #1 makes the the legs, body and head; Sock #2 creates the arms, tail, ears, and mouth
    5. Take Sock #1, turn inside out, and draw a line down the middle of the sock from the heel to the end of the ankle
    6. Sew parallel to the mid-line on either sides to make the legs, leaving the ‘crotch’ area open to stuff
    7. Cut along the mid-line to create 2 legs
    8. Make the head by loosely sewing around the ‘toes’ of the sock
    9. Turn the sock right-side out and begin filling the head, body and legs with fabric
    10. Take Sock #2, turn inside out, and draw in the arms, tail, ears and mouth (heel) areas to cut out
    11. Cut and sew each part
    12. When stuffing the arms and tail, I put a piece of a coat hanger to allow for more structure to the limbs (I added flexing biceps as a personal touch to my sock monkey)
    13. Sew on the arms, tail and ears to Sock #1
    14. Before stuffing the mouth, I added some personal touches to the face of my monkey (ie. a smile, wink and button for the eyes)
    15. Sew on the mouth with stuffing behind to fill it out
    16. Add those last minute touches, and……………………………
    17. VOILA! A personalized DIY Sock Monkey

    Thanks for looking at my site. There some fun and silliness in us all. Send me your fun arts & craft projects, I’m always looking for new ways to stimulate my creativity and play with Child-like fun!

    xoxo Alison

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