HAPPY 2012!

  • January

    After taking a long needed break from school, work, the NSA, Facebook and my website… I am excited to leap into 2012 and my last academic semester before my clinical year at the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine.

    My Break

    I had a fantastic break, spending it with my family and friends. Of my Top 10 Holiday Plans, I completed the following:

    10. SLEEPING IN 



    7. PAINTING 

    6. DANCING AND WORKING OUT – not as much as I would have liked to


    4. FINISHING ‘A THOUSAND SPLENDID SUNS’ – didn’t finish but made a decent dent

    3. READING ‘THE BOOK‘ BY JONATHAN GOODMAN  – a truely excellent book and I cannot wait till it hits the bookshelves and explodes with inspiration and fire

    2. GOING COTTAGING  – the best getaway I could have asked for

    1. SNUGGLING UP WITH SOMEONE I LOVE  -the highlight of my break 🙂

    Wastling and Tobogganing at the Cottage

    New Years Eve Celebration







    Despite not having all Top 10 Holiday Plans completed, I definitely enjoyed myself and the company I shared it with. I also unleashed my creative side and finished knitting a scarf for my brother and made a sock monkey out of a pair of socks for Jonathan. I forgot how much I love arts and crafts!

    Getting Organized

    Now that my recovery and fun break is over, it’s back to work and boy do I have a full schedule. I spent some time today typing out my school, work, and exercise schedule…yikes! And even though it looks really hectic, I also know that I am that much closer to my clinical year at CCNM and I couldn’t be more excited. I truly enjoy working with people to achieve their goals and optimal best, so be prepared for my business cards to be thrown in your direction very soon! Watch out for some truly amazing and inspiring things for 2012!

    Term 2 Schedule – Jan- April 2012
    Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
    PT Sophia
    7am PT Judy PT Judy
    8am Cardio Cardio Clinic Shadow @ CCNM (8-2pm)
    Manip (8:30-10:30) In Office (8:30-10:30) sleep sleep
    9am Integrated Medicine (9-12) PT Esther
    10am Eva’s Volunteer Group PT
    11am Emerg Med (11-1) PT Stephen Men’s and Women’s (11-1:30) PT David
    12pm Common Time eat ASM theory (12-1:30) Workout @ B+S PT Stephen
    1pm Common Time eat
    2pm Primary Care -CLE 303 (2-4:30) Workout w Crystal Workout @ CCNM ASM pract group C (2-4) Workout @ B+S Eg PT Esther
    Workout @ B+S Eg
    3pm Cardio
    eat eat eat
    4pm Sam Yee Poh & Gung Gung Manip pract Sem Rm 2 (4-5:30) eat
    5pm Workout @ CCNM
    6pm Landmark SELP    (7-9:30) Group PT
    In Office (6:30-7:30) PT Matt
    PT David

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