• September

    Sherbourne Health Centre

    Community Naturopathic Clinic
    333 Sherbourne St. E.

    The Sherbourne Health Centre Community PHA Naturopathic Clinic is the largest Complementary and Alternative HIV/AIDS specialty clinic in Canada and provides free Naturopathic Care to people living with HIV infection. The clinic functions as a satellite teaching clinic of the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine.
    o To provide Naturopathic Care for People Living with HIV/AIDS (PHAs)
    o To provide an educational platform for the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine
    o 64 PHA visits weekly (over 2 shifts)
    Current Shifts:
     Tuesdays, 9-3pm.
     Wednesdays, 1-7pm


    Parkdale Community Health Centre

    Community Naturopathic Clinic
    1229 Queen St. W. (at Dufferin St.)

    We are dedicated to ensuring that the communities that we serve receive responsive, accessible, and innovative patient health care services that will enhance their quality of life. We believe in an integrated approach to the delivery of quality health care services which address the needs of our service users within their respective socio-economic realities. Our definition of quality primary health  care services is not only about disease prevention, but includes an assessment of the biological, socio-cultural, psychological and environmental aspects of the lives of the people that we serve.
    Current Shifts:
     Tuesdays, 12-6pm.


    Anishnawbe Health Toronto

    Community Naturopathic Clinic
    225 Queen St. E.

    Working to improve the health and well being of Aboriginal People in spirit, mind, emotion and body, Anishnawbe Health Toronto provides Traditional Healing within a multi-disciplinary health care model. Located at Queen St. East and Sherbourne St., we see a diversity of individuals from the aboriginal community in the downtown core presenting with a large variety of conditions including mental illness, diabetes and malnutrition. This exciting, fast-paced clinic works in cooperation with the other members of the Centre, including MDs, social workers, nurse practitioners, traditional healers and elders. We have a small dispensary that is available to the patients, but we rely mostly on dietary modification and herbal teas from our large dried herb collection. Working within the Circle of Care, you will learn about traditional aboriginal healthcare, have the benefit of working with medical professionals in other fields and gain valuable experience in inner city healthcare.
    Current Shifts:
      Thursdays, 10-4pm.



    Lakeshore Area Multiservice Project Community Naturopathic Clinic
    185 – 5th St., Etobicoke

    We are trying to form partnerships within LAMP and in the community. Every other month we take part in an interagency meeting, where local organizations learn about each other. We also speak monthly at The Jean Tweed Centre (for women recovering from substance abuse). In the past, interns have also written articles for the LAMP newsletter. Dr. Tsui (previous supervisor) has also been invited to speak with the LAMP Diabetes Education Centre and “Among Friends”, a support group for persons with mental health conditions.
    Current Shifts:
      Thursdays, 1-7pm.


    Queen West Community Health Centre

    Community Naturopathic Clinic
    168 Bathurst St.

    Naturopathic Clinic established January 2006 with limited dispensary. All patients are referrals from the Community Health Centre or are current patients of the Centre. A wide range of cases and conditions are being seen, including a large number of mental health illnesses.
    o 15-18 patients per shift
    Current Shifts:
     Fridays, 9:30-3:30pm.
     Saturday 10 am -4 pm.

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