• October

    Naturopaths for Integrative Geriatric Care (NIGC) is a CCNM student initiative whose goal is to provide preventative and multi-disciplinary care to the geriatric population. Over the past year we have been working hard to build awareness for the health care concerns of the elderly community through seminars and outreach projects.

    I am ecstatic to introduce the Integrative Geriatric Satellite Project! This project is an ongoing process in which our aim is to build recognition and acceptance into the Geriatric community by integrating into a Nursing Home or Retirement Center via a Satellite Clinic. We have developed a thorough proposal plan and invite any comments, recommendations and inquires.

    NIGC will be hosting a meeting Monday, October 22nd from 12:30-2pm in Classroom 4 at CCNM1255 Sheppard Ave East, Toronto, ON, M2K 1E2. All members and non-members of the Geri Care Club and CCNM are welcome to attend. We will be introducing the NIGC team and project proposal along with providing opportunities to contribute towards the initiate in as much or as little as you would like.  The proposed positions are below:

    • Geriatric talks within the community (information packages and training will be provided)
    • Literary Research on Integrative Health Care for Geriatric patients
    • CCNM Geri Care Club’s week volunteer (Nov. 19-23rd, 2012- lectures, activities, promotion, advertisement, food preparation)
    • Integrative Geriatric Satellite Project development
    • Media support and maintenance (Website, Facebook, Twitter)

    Reserve your spot and send any general inquiries to For specific questions pertaining to the Integrative Geriatric Satellite project please contact Alison ( and for information about the CCNM Geri Care Club email Carole (

    Please read NIGC’s vision statement, mission statement, goals, and key values and beliefs here.

This website is NOT to be used as a diagnostic or treatment tool. Always consult with your Conventional Medical Doctor or Naturopathic Doctor for specific concerns. In cases of medical emergencies visit your nearest hospital or call 9-1-1.