Hypo-Allergenic Diet — Rice Paper Wraps

  • April

    For more information on eating a Hypo-Allergenic Diet see the end of the post.

    Vietnamese Cashew Rice Paper Wraps (aka. Fresh Rolls)

    These are one of my favorite meals to make at home or while traveling. Feel free to eliminate the rice paper and have lettuce/ green wraps instead with the same ingredients. You can also easily substitute ingredients for whatever you have in your fridge or what is in season for the area where you live in.
    The great thing about rice paper wraps is that the prep for 2 people and 20 people isn't too much more. Multiply your ingredients for as many people as you'd like. It's also a fantastic way to eat a more veggies and get 4-6 servings of varied vegetables per meal.

    • Rice paper wraps (you can find these in many Asian and English grocery stores)
    • Vermicelli noodles - 1 small handful per person
    • Dark leafy green (ie. lettuce, steamed kale or spinach) – 4-8 servings per person
    • Sliced veggies (ie. carrot, cucumber, avocado, celery, cilantro, beets, radish, seaweed, wheat grass) – 2 large handful (2 servings) per person
    • Protein source (ie. chicken, salmon, tofu) – single palm-sized portion per person
    • Cashew butter sauce – 4 tbsp of natural cashew butter, splash of soya sauce (without gluten) and hot sauce to taste


    1. Boil some water and submerge the vermicelli noodles in. Take off heat and let sit for 5 minutes or until soft. Strain and place in a serving dish
    2. Cut your protein source into thin slices and fry on low heat with a little olive oil
    3. Cut your vegetables into thin slices approximately 3-4 inches long pending on the size of your rice paper wrap.
    4. Soak your dark leafy green in a produce wash for 10 minutes and cut into palm size portions
    5. Make your cashew sauce by heating the natural cashew butter (on low) in a saucepan until it softens. Continue stirring. Add in your preferred amount of soya and hot sauce to taste and mix. Take off heat and place in a shallow dish or small bowl
    6. I like to prepare my rice wraps one at a time as I eat to avoid the rice papers from sticking together. In this case, I bring over a shallow dish to the dinner table and add in some boiling water. Place a single rice paper sheet in the water for 10-30 seconds. The hotter the water the less time is required to let soak.
    7. Enjoy your wraps. Start with your rice paper then add your lettuce, veggies, meat/ protein and sauce. The rice paper is fragile, so make sure you don’t fill it too much!

    What is eating a Hypo-Allergenic Diet?

    Hypo-Allergenic is also known as Oligoantigenic or Elimination diet.

    This means that we avoid eating the most common ingredients that cause people inflammation and digestive issues. IT IS NOT A DIET TO LOSE WEIGHT. It should be viewed more as a food sensitivity TEST.

    The top 5 offenders include: wheat, dairy, corn, soy, and eggs.

    Note that some of the foods on the list are very nutritious, so if you are not sensitive to the food, bring them back into your diet (ie. eggs).

    Also remember, many gluten-free and dairy-free foods may not be healthy. Just because they remove those ingredients does not mean they haven’t replaced them with other poorer quality ingredients.

    Try and stay away from packaged, canned, processed and deep fried foods. And be cautious of dehydrated and dried foods for they often contain added sugars and preservatives. Raw and fresh is often your best bet for optimal health.

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