5 Favorite Workouts to do in Awkward Spaces

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    WORKOUTS COME IN ALL SHAPES AND SIZES. If you just want to be active, have fun and stay healthy, choose something that you LOVE to do.

    If you have a specific goal in mind (ie. lose weight, get stronger, get leaner, etc) then a more focused workout routine for a specific period of time will work more optimally. In this case, read more about “The Best and Worst Exercise Regiment for YOU.

    This article is going to discuss my favorite workouts to do with minimal equipment in a not-so-ideal environments (Ie. gym with lots of equipment). As a traveling Naturopathic doctor, I am never in the same place for more than a month at a time. I fit in exercise in what ever way I can so that I can maintain my health and productivity.

    If I’m living in Brazil, I’ll hike a mountain. If I’m in the jungles of Thailand I’ll do a dry land workout with bands and sprints. And when I’m in Costa Rica, you bet your bottom that I’ll be surfing the waves.

    Program designs are ideal for getting very specific results. If you don’t stick to your program you won’t achieve optimal outcomes…. HOWEVER, having routine is not always practical or possible, especially with a busy family or traveling lifestyle.

    But fitness and exercising is still so important. So here are my 5 Favorite Workouts to do in Awkward Spaces:

    1. The Outdoor Circuit
    2. The Cardio Interval Trainer
    3. The Beach Booty Workout
    4. The Deskerciser
    5. The Private Dance Party

    At the beginning of each of these workouts, start with a quick warm-up to get your muscles warm, blood pumping and your mind in the right state to work.

    None of these workouts require much equipment. My favorite tools to travel with are resistance bands. They are light, compact, and are so versatile for strengthening the legs, upperbody and core. There are a few different kinds, but you can buy them here or here.

    And at the end of each workout, follow up with a cool down. Some light stretching, yoga or meditation to quiet the mind and body.

    To view the warm-up and cool down videos, click here.

    1. The Outdoor Circuit (20 minutes; 3 times per week)

    1.OutdoorWhether you can get to a park or just go into your backyard, throw on some great beats and follow along with the video below. Start off easy, with light weights (or even none) and have some fun! You don’t need a lot of equipment to get a good workout.

    This is a full body workout that integrate progressions and cardio, all in 20 minutes:

    If the dance party in the end is too awkward for you to do in front of other, or even by yourself, you can:

    • find the closest hill and do some sprints
    • get a piece of rope and skip
    • bear walk or inch-worms on all 4’s

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    2. The Cardio Interval Trainer (30 minutes; 3 times per week)2.Interval

    Interval training burns more fat in a shorter period of time than steady state cardio. It consists of a low (130 beats per minute heart rate) and high (180+ bpm) intensity setting for your cardio (and strength) exercises. If you have a heart rate monitor feel free to use it or just give yourself a rating.

    On a scale of 1-10 (1 = walking, 5 = moderate sweat, and 10 = exhaustion at the end of a marathon race), rate your own effort of work:

    • Low intensity– aim for a 4-6 range out of 10
      • Heavy breathing but able to carry a conversation
      • For example: treadmill walking at a high incline
    • High intensity– get between 7-9 out of 10
      • Very difficult, sweating, flushed and unable to carry a conversation
      • For example: treadmill running or sprinting at low incline

    Follow this routine for a 30 minute session, or double it for an hour of cardio:

    1. Start at your low intensity for a 5 minute warm up
    2. High intensity for 5 minutes
    3. Low intensity for 1 minute
    4. High intensity for 4 minutes
    5. Low intensity for 1 minute
    6. High intensity for 3 minutes
    7. Low intensity for 1 minute
    8. High intensity for 4 minutes
    9. Low intensity for 1 minute
    10. High intensity for 5 minutes

    Notice the low intensity settings are a 1 minute rest and the high intensity are 5:4:3:4:5. Write down your resistance, incline and/or speed to keep track of your improvements.

    3. The Beach Booty Workout (30 minutes; 3 times per week)

    3.BeachThis workout is focusing on sculpting beautiful strong legs and a wicked core. But we don’t want to have any chicken arms either, so there’s a bit of upper body work too.

    When working on strengthening the legs, you will need some added weight to really challenge the muscles and have them working under tension. I recommend some weights, bands or even a partner to carry. Remember, the longer and deeper the movements, the more muscle fibers will be used. Don’t cheat your exercises by making them too short and too easy. Less reps with better form, control and depth is your goal.

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    Posted by Personal Trainer Development Center on Friday, March 27, 2015

    4. The Deskerciser (25 minutes; 3 times a week)4.Deskercise

    These are perfect exercises to do at the office or in a small spaces. My partner and I often avoid living in places where the weather stops us from enjoying the outdoors (ie. cold, wet, snowy… lol), but from time-to-time we are stuck in a small apartment or hotel room (without a gym) and longing for some movement. These are great exercises that don’t take up a lot of space and don’t require much equipment.

    This is a full body routine for the everyday person:

    5. The Private Dance Party (Daily… why not?)

    5.DanceCaribbean, Hip Hop, Pop and even Country music are all fantastic kinds of music to get you sweating on the dance floor. If dance is your thing, I recommend following some of these dance tutorials on YourTube and show them off to your friends and when you go out:

    NOTE: The key is to dance FULL OUT! So if you are shy, close your bedroom door and get down. That, or go to a club and dance your butt off.

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