Teddy the Timid Poop

  • January

    ONCE THERE WAS A POOP WHO WAS SHY. His name was Teddy.

    Teddy didn’t like vegetables or water. Teddy liked to eat snacks while playing video games.

    Teddy didn’t like to go outside, he was always anxious.

    Don't be a timid Teddy... Cannonballs are no fun

    Don’t be a timid Teddy… Cannonballs are no fun

    Teddy’s mom was not happy.

    She told Teddy, “You must go to the doctor and get checked out. This is not normal behavior for a young poop like you”.

    Teddy didn’t want to go out, but his mom pushed and pushed him out the door. He fought so hard, grunting and straining, that he broke a hinge of the door-frame.

    Torpedoes can be painful… watch out for the splash.

    Torpedoes can be painful… watch out for the splash.

    Teddy’s first visit to a clinic, the doctor recommended colonics. However, because Teddy didn’t know why he was so timid, he didn’t think that was a good idea. The doctor said that in extreme cases of fissures and cancer, colonics are extremely dangerous.

    The second doctor prescribed laxatives. Teddy thought that it was great to have just one easy pill to make him less shy. So he took the prescription to show his mommy.

    After a couple of days, Teddy didn’t like the laxatives. They made him feel yucky and he didn’t want to always have to take the pills every time he wanted to leave his house.

    Laxatives can help relieve constipation, but they are NOT a long-term solution.

    Laxatives can help relieve constipation, but they are NOT a long-term solution.

    So, Teddy finally went to a third doctor — A different kind of doctor, who told him about healthy ways to be less timid. The doctor was full of knowledge and gave him lots of different strategies that Teddy tried, one at a time.


    1. Hydration: Increase your water and electrolyte intake first before adding dietary fiber. Fruit flavored water and coconut water are delicious ways to stay hydrated.
    2. Healthy fats: Nuts, seeds, and oils can also help lubricate the bowels excrete stool more easily.
    3. Vegetables and fruit: There are fun ways to eat healthy greens and colorful fruits. Try cutting them up in super fun shapes or blending them into a juice, smoothie or popsicle.
    4. Vitamin C: If you are taking an iron supplement, always take it with vitamin C to help with iron absorption and soften stool.
    5. Probiotics: Taking probiotics or eating fermented foods (ie. miso, sauerkraut, kombucha, yogurt) help maintain bacterial balance in the gut. If you are taking antibiotics, make sure to leave at least 1-2 hours between antibiotic and probiotic doses.
    6. Relaxing Herbs: Peppermint, lavender, and ginger teas help relax the stomach.
    7. Exercise: Strengthening your body, cardiovascular endurance and practicing squats are important to initiate blood flow and healthy bowel postures.
    8. Squatty Potty: Sitting with your knees above your hips is a healthier position for the bowels while on the toilet. It can decrease strain on the colon and rectum. Get your Squatty Potty today!
    9. Massage: Abdominal massages with castor oil in a clock-wise direction starting at your right hip will encourage fecal movement through the large intestine
    10. Mood: Stress is a huge component of constipation. When you are in a stressed sympathetic mode you aren’t able to relax, absorb the proper nutrients from your foods or have easy bowel movements. Practice taking 3 deep, long and slow breaths before you eat and while sitting on the toilet.

    Teddy tried each of these methods one at a time and before he knew it, he was excited to go outside, play with friends and splash around in the pool.

    No longer was Teddy timid.

    Teddy ate all of his vegetables, fruits, and nuts. He drank all of his water. And he was so much fun that his friends called him Mr. Happy.

    Think toothpaste…. ahhhhh

    Think toothpaste…. ahhhhh

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    What Your Poo Says About You - By Dr. Alison Chen, ND; Illustrated by Jeremy Watt

    What Your Poo Says About You – By Dr. Alison Chen, ND; Illustrated by Jeremy Watt

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