What is Sexy?

Day 1: Introduction

I WAS PETITE AND SLIM. Some would have called me scrawny, definitely not sexy. As a competitive gymnast, I trained over 30 hours a week between the ages of 6-17 years old. I ate what ever I wanted. My favorite “carb-loading” meal before a big competition was angel-hair pasta with butter and garlic sauce.

As I began taking more time to heal from repetitive injuries, my training intensity declined. And then puberty hit me. At 17 years old, I simply didn’t have enough body fat to stimulate my menstrual cycle and this break was what it needed. But I wasn’t happy.

My body was betraying me.

For once in my life I could pinch love handles and was self-conscious about wearing a bathing suit. It didn’t help that my gymnastics coaches were starting to weigh us, I was a foot taller than my mom, or that I was becoming interested in boys.

My high school sweetheart was the first person who could really express his love - for who I was and appreciate my body - as it was. He didn’t want to change me. To make me laugh, he would grab his own belly fat and giggle it. He was more confident about his overweight body than I was about mine.

Health is not about changing yourself, but letting your true self shine – and brightly.

For me, fitness, eating well and living a healthy lifestyle is now a choice. It’s one that I make every time I stand in the Starbuck’s line waiting for my Zen tea while eying the cake pops behind the shiny glass. Some days are much easier than others.

Day-by-day, choice-by-choice, it becomes easier. You start to feel better physically and have the energy to make empowered decisions. You start feel confident and truly believe in yourself. And you begin to know what SEXY really is, a state of mine.

Health is a lifestyle of choice NOT a life sentence filled with guilt or judgment. Health should feel good. Health should feel SEXY.

I’m here to support you on your journey to health and vitality, I’m here to appreciate who you are - as you are.

SO TO START, I WANT TO TALK ABOUT FAT. And it’s a heavy word. It’s a word that is often avoided. It’s also a word commonly associated with descriptors like lazy, unmotivated and slow.

Cognitively, we know this isn’t true, but somewhere deep inside and long ago- a seed was planted and has been eating you up. Maybe it was a passing comment or a cute nickname, whatever “it” was, you carry it today and it continues to make you feel shame, embarrassment, and alone.

FAT LOSS is a daunting task to face on your own. Most people have tried some form of a diet, exercise regiment or weight loss pill to get them reaching their goals, and fast.

By now, you’ve probably realized that the idea of a quick fix, however ideal, is not realistic. Most things work for a short period of time and then they stop. They stop working either because:

  • It wasn’t a sustainable lifestyle
  • It was too time consuming and expensive
  • It made other parts of your life suffer
  • You felt awful doing it

And most likely you gained back the weight and some, after you stopped the regiment. That’s because true fat loss happens slowly and with the least discomfort, so that it is sustainable.

Just like any project or goal worth attaining, it takes consistent effort with sometimes negligible day-to-day reward (TWEET THIS). The long-term “big picture” is so vague and unrealistic that most people can’t be motivated long enough by that goal to stick it out.

Everyone wants to lose fat, look fit, feel sexy, have a sharp mind and have more free time. But why?

What is your “why” to being healthy and feeling sexy?

IF YOU CAN ANSWER THIS QUESTION you will already be one step closer to achieving your goals. Your end goal is the address you punch into your GPS to know if you’re heading in the right direction. The more specific the better… but you can’t forget to take in the scenery on the way. You never know if you want to change the route to your final destination. Now, if your answer to “why” is to avoid diabetes or to look better naked, that may not be a deep enough reason. It’s not that these aren’t good goals to strive for, but they aren’t emotionally driven, they’re logical. We’re not looking for the superficial or typical answers. Your answer is personal. It should touch you deeply. It should be even more significant than that “seed of negativity” that was planted so long ago. If you were to imagine yourself living that “healthy” person it should be a craving deep enough to bring you to tears.

My image of “health” is a strong, confident and empowered woman willing to admit when she is wrong, ask for help when needed, and not be afraid to take on any challenge no matter what kind of criticism it may attract.

I practice a healthy regiment as the foundation of my living so that I can feel sexy and confident in my own skin and to know that I don’t need to earn love for myself or from others.

So give yourself permission to ask WHY? What has motivated all those tears, late nights with distracting TV shows, glasses of wine by yourself, sweat on the treadmill, and fears of ending up alone? Getting in touch with these vulnerabilities and insecurities can be the fuel that drives your long-term goals. Let it be a reminder not a sentencing (Tweet this). Free yourself of your fears and be brave enough to deserve more for yourself. Take some time to jot down some potential “why’s”. With each point ask yourself to look deeper:





This “Seven Days to Sexy” course is an introduction to the “Strong & Sexy in 6” program. It is designed to give you simple, manageable options to living full of vitality and health. This course allows you a chance to celebrate the steps to health rather than dread the process. Each day of the week, the course will take you through a quick example of each principle for sustainable health. In the “Strong and Sexy in 6” program, we solidify and master these principals until they become second nature.

  • Day 1: Introduction- What is sexy?
  • Day 2: Nutrition- Eat more of what you love
  • Day 3: Exercise- Have more fun
  • Day 4: Lifestyle- Be mindful
  • Day 5: Self-care- It’s all about you
  • Day 6: Support- Build your community
  • Day 7: Sustainable health- Live your dreams

All the material has been researched and created by me, Dr. Alison Chen, Naturopathic doctor. I was a former Nationally competitive gymnast and cheerleader, as well as personal trainer. My experience with fat loss and strength training reaches beyond my personal athletic achievements. I have specifically designed this program to be the foundation to long-term fat loss and sustainable health. This course is a quick look into holistic health and is designed to be easy, fun and have you getting results. The course empowers you with education and simple habit formation techniques to have you successful, feeling great and reaching your goals one step at a time.

WE LIVE IN A WORLD OF INFORMATION-OVERLOAD. There is an endless amount of information available at your fingertips. It’s easy to get lost with searches for the best diets, exercise protocols and supplements to take. As you are delving deeper into the pool of information, the most important thing to get you reaching your goals is missing: ACTION.

The biggest roadblock is often deciding which program to take on and keeping up with a consistent plan. <-- Click to tweet.

Many programs work. Even seemingly controversial programs will often offer some benefit, but aren’t without limitations. The principles of health are the ground work to build your life upon. Without a solid foundation you won’t be able to achieve the most out of any program you choose to do in the future.

THIS IS WHY I’M SO HAPPY that you’ve chosen to start here. I’ve consolidated many years of education, research and successful programming to bring you an easy-to-follow introductory course with the opportunity to continue on with the “Strong and Sexy in 6” program.

Adding one new habit change at a time with repetitive practice is the core to simple, lasting change. It’s manageable. And it doesn’t overwhelm.

This “Seven Days to Sexy” course will consist of this free course e-book and a series of 7 emails that allow you to take on one challenge each day. Once you’ve completed the week feel free to repeat the course over and over again.

However, at the end of this week, you will also have the opportunity to apply for the “Strong & Sexy in 6” program where we will ramp-up your health and vitality to the next level.

The “Strong & Sexy in 6” program expands on each of the 6 topics for 1 week each, for a total of a 6 week program. But we’ll talk more about this later on in the week.

Take the time to complete today’s “First 2 Steps to Getting Healthy”:

Step 1: Find out your “WHY?”
The “why” of your health journey is critical to keep you motivated and moving in the right direction. Fill this out in the space above.

Step 2: Get real with yourself
Equally as important is knowing your starting point. Identifying your actual daily habits will direct you to your first step.

Stop comparing yourself to your previous self. You aren’t that person now and your life situation is completely different, so stop being so hard on yourself.

Without judgment or criticism, take at look your current eating and lifestyle habits. Fill out 2 days of the week and 1 day of the weekend with the following Diet and Lifestyle Diary.

NOTE: writing in your D+L Diary through the day is the best way to keep precise accounts of what you are eating, but sometimes not realistic. That’s why I recommend snapping a quick photo before eating your food so you can accurately chart at the end of the day.

Also feel free to use digital tracking systems like My Fitness Pal.

Once you’ve completed your chart, highlight any dietary and lifestyle changes that will make the biggest positive impact on your life. Circle the top 3 and number them in order of importance and make a plan to take on #1.

For example,

Use this following guide and sample day to help you fill out your Diet and Lifestyle Diary (click the button below):

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