Finally, a tip-a-day to keep you accountable and make 2016 your best year yet!

365 one-a-day strategies from a Naturopathic doctor to support your optimal health and life goals so that you have more energy and vitality to dominate every minute of every day.

At less than $1 a day, you can't afford to not invest in your health.

From the desk of Dr. Alison Chen ND, board certified Naturopathic Doctor and Personal Trainer

28th September 2022


If you're like most, then you've become frustrated that your exercise or nutrition plan isn't going the way that you'd like and you don't feel as vital as you know that you should feel.

And it's not your fault. The problem is that there's frankly too much information out there.

There are too many experts saying too many different things. Most have good intentions and many of them are good, but how do you know what works, what doesn't and what to do on any given day.

The only solution is to have constant access to somebody well-versed in the medical literature. Somebody who understands work/life balance and how to feel great, look great, and have endless energy day in and day out.

But having access to someone with expert medical training to do a good job it expensive. If you wanted to see a Naturopathic doctor, an average visit would cost $200 an hour. And it's worth it. A great Naturopathic doctor will be an absolute asset to your health care, but what about after you leave their office? Or when finances get tight?


In my clinic, I got frustrated because I was unable to give my patients 100% access to my services for free. I wanted to support them and their health journey, but there just wasn't enough hours of the day.

This is why I created the DAILY DOSE Calendar. But more on that soon.

Imagine if every day you had one simple tip, strategy or reminder. Something small that would help move you further along your journey to vitality.

Imagine if this reminder took you minutes a day to complete but like so many small things put together strategically with an end goal in mind, they build up to give you more energy and have you feeling great, immediately and far away into the future.

Not only that, you'll be learning along the way. If you find yourself curious and wanting to find out more information, you have the option to do so.

Well now you can have all those things. I'd like to introduce to you my revolutionary, brand-new DAILY DOSE Calendar.

I've never seen anyone do this before!

At its core, the DAILY DOSE Calendar is an accountability tool.

But it's much more than that. My experience in merging Eastern and Western medicine has allowed me to create this program that will not only make you feel better but also strengthen your immune system, body, and mind to combat anything that challenges your optimal you.

So what exactly is the DAILY DOSE Calendar?

The DAILY DOSE Calendar syncs with both
Mac iCal and Google Calendars.

One tip every day

  • Simple, manageable exercises and tips
  • Keep accountable to reach your health and life goals
  • Dominate healthy habits as the best preventative medicine for an optimal you

Special articles on featured tips

  • Get more quality information on the tips, strategies and exercises in the program
  • Stay on top of relevant medical topics
  • High quality references to stimulate your curiosity and intellect


  • Expert tools to kickstart your progress to health and vitality
  • Uniquely designed worksheets for this program that builds upon itself
  • Show them to your private physician to enable high quality and specific health care

Private Facebook community to support your progress

  • Get community support on your health journey
  • Share goals and achievements to motivate yourself and others
  • Get personal advice from Dr. Alison Chen, ND and other experts

For Less Than the Cost of a Single Naturopathic Medical Appointment,
You Can Get the DAILY DOSE Calendar today!

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