Bad at Keeping Secrets

  • September

    So I’m really bad at keeping secrets, especially exciting juicy ones!

    Many women try not to discuss their pregnancies in their first trimester. The worry of miscarriage or fetal developmental issues is top of mind, but for me, I’d rather have my close family and friends there to support me in the case of a nonviable pregnancy.

    … Wouldn’t you?

    It seems like too many women struggle in silence.

    Whether it’s abuse, derogatory slander, rape, depression or day-to-day stress, women aren’t always supported with a community of open-minded and trusting people. When I started the MummyCare Community, that’s what I hoped it would be.

    Somewhere you can anonymously (or not so anonymously) talk about your first trimester symptoms, get support and practical quality advice. But I never expected it to be so wonderful!

    In less than a month, our group is made up of 500 beautiful mums, health advocates and medical practitioners. It is a wonderfully supportive place and it feels SAFE!

    In my personal life, I try to create these communities, but it’s sometimes difficult.

    I am fortunate to have a supportive family. Both my family and my husbands family are health conscious and loving people. But unfortunately, I’ve also experienced non-supportive families too.

    That’s tough. You wait and wait for change to happen. You plant seeds and you try your best to empathize with the other person. But sometimes, relationships are toxic and unsustainable, no matter what good intentions you have.

    While my husband and I travel, it’s also sometimes difficult to create community. That’s why I heavily rely on my online relationships and connecting via Skype, FaceTime, and other video chats as well as emails.

    So when Jon and I initially saw those 2 pink lines we were so excited.

    I told my very close friends right from the beginning (via What’s App no doubt), but we decided to wait until we were together with our families to officially break the news to them. It was tough not telling people our exciting news.

    But even more so, it was tough trying not to show that I was feeling nauseous and tired… and I work from home!

    I can’t imagine what women working in offices have to deal with. Not only trying to make it through the day not vomiting at your desk, but also handling your regular work load! And especially if you aren’t ready for the company to start thinking about maternity leave and compensations, this can be a really challenging time for an occasion that should be so joyful.

    So if you have girlfriends or family members who have gotten engaged, married or have started talking about having a baby, I highly recommend referring them to a Mummy Community (either physical or online).

    Make sure they have somewhere to ask their early pregnancy questions and get thorough knowledgeable advice that is safe and reliable!

    And if you yourself are trying to conceive, have found out you are pregnant, or have little ones of your own, I suggest joining a few groups, including the MummyCare Community!

    You don’t need to struggle alone.


    Mummy G

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