Don’t Touch Me

  • September

    This past week I’ve been feeling not 100%.

    Add this to my commitments with theNDDC, by personal writing, being busy at my dragon boat race and Jon’s new product and let’s just say we haven’t been as intimate as usual.

    Coming home at the end of a long day feeling physically exhausted, nauseous and tired, isn’t quite the combination for a romantic evening. But we are still trying.

    Jon took us out to a concert last night and we will be going away for the next 3 days to somewhere special… I actually don’t know where we are going as it’s a surprise.

    But I know it’s somewhere where internet isn’t available and we will have a chance to relax and spend some quality time together.

    This trip is at the probably one of the busiest times for us:

    But often the busiest times is actually the BEST time to take some time to disconnect, reconnect with one another and have a clear mind for all the projects underway.

    So Jon and I are going off the grid for the next 3 days!

    I have the BEST husband, who even in the middle of his biggest launch for the Online Trainer Academy… he still carves out time to spends some quality time with me. And he will be out of communication with his team too!

    Being unplugged is HUGE for Jon and I. It’s tough as entrepreneurs who both work at home. There’s not many times when we aren’t talking about work, project ideas or learning more about business.

    But we both value time together, and so here’s to the next 3 days!

    If you call, email, text or send me a FB message… I won’t answer!

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