How to Calm Your Shit Down

  • August


    If you say my list of things to-do in a week it would probably overwhelm you. But the joy in the list is not looking at it, but checking off the boxes.

    In building the MummyCare website I made a list. A huge one of everything I would need to launch the site.

    Here’s the actual email I sent to my coach, Joe:

    Screen Shot 2016-08-31 at 12.16.30 PM

    I sent this list to Coach Joe and he LOVED it! But sometimes what “organized” people get in trouble with is that it’s all planning and no execution.

    I can spend days and days planning something without actually doing anything.

    Sometimes I get too overwhelmed with all of the pieces that need to be accomplished that I get paralyzed. It gets too much and I don’t feel capable of chipping away at the monster of the project.

    Other times, the massiveness is motivating. I feel inspired and excited to attack a piece of it, bit by bit.

    On Monday, I cried. And even though I had still over half my list of things still to do (for just THAT DAY), I took a walk.

    I walked to clear my head and get back into focus.

    We’ve all spent time sitting and staring at our computer screen (or books) trying to do that thing that is most important to your business, then out of nowhere you are distracted.

    Or maybe you suddenly realized the carpet needs vacuuming.

    Or maybe you really felt like snuggling your baby.

    Or maybe you got hungry.

    When you are in a state of “mushy brain”, shake it out. Give yourself x minutes to get up and clear your head, but don’t get distracted by doing something else that feels productive but really is just avoiding what it is you really need to be doing.

    Sometimes a break is really what you need, so make sure it’s a productive break for your mind. For example:

    • Go for a walk
    • Stretch or do 10 squats and lunges
    • Get some fresh air
    • Drink some water
    • Take a 10 minutes power nap
    • Journal ideas on the topic that you are stuck on – try writing for 2 minutes
    • without stopping not caring what it is that you write
    • Repeat a mantra (ie. I am focus, confident and unstoppable)
    • Sing out loud
    • Take a shower
    • Have a protein shake
    • Have a motivational pow-wow with a colleague

    Getting trapped in an uninspiring, unproductive mind-numbing spiral won’t help you accomplish anything. Sometime I will even feel guilty for taking time away from my work, or feel I need to just “push through”.

    But after years and years of going through ups and downs, I know myself too well. When I’m inspired and creative, I kick butt.

    When I’m not, I look for distractions… and find them.

    My challenge will be to get my butt off my chair every hour to move a little and clear my mind. What’s your challenge for today?

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