Hungry Hungry Hippo

  • October

    At nearly 11 weeks pregnant, the nausea, extreme fatigue, moodiness and intense sugar/ salt/ carb cravings are finally slowing down.

    But the one thing that I’ve noticed is HUNGER… especially first thing in the morning.

    This is unique, as Jon and I don’t typically have our first meal until 11am or so. Our typical day looks like:

    • Wake up between 7-8am
    • Work right away
    • Smoothie and a handful of almonds sometime between 9-10am
    • Continue working
    • Breakfast/ brunch at 11am or even sometimes early afternoon

    We don’t do this because we are trying to follow some diet, rather it’s when we get hungry. But this late morning eating does mimic intermittent fasting, which has been shown to help with fat loss and sugar cravings.

    The common phrase, “Breakfast is the most important meal of the day” may not hold true for some people. For most it will, but the word “important” is necessary to define.

    “Most important meal” doesn’t mean:

    • the largest meal
    • lots of carbs to “get you going”
    • caffeine kick
    • sugar, sugar, sugar
    • grab a muffin at the coffee shop because you didn’t make anything for breakfast

    If you are a breakfast eater, and especially if you deal with sugar or carb cravings, having protein for breakfast is key. And if you are craving sugars, instead of grabbing that donut, cookie or muffin at the office try eating fruit, yogurt, nuts, or at least make your own baked goods with minimal sugar and more protein.

    Between week 7-10 I had sugar and carb craving like I never experienced before. I felt like an addict and I also was totally turned off of meat or raw vegetables. I craved salty, sweet stuff and carbs.

    And I gave in, often. Having crackers, cookies, noodles, pie, and candy.

    But I also tried to be mindful of what I ate. If I had some self-control, I opted to eat:

    • almonds, walnuts, seeds
    • hard boiled egg with avocado on rice cakes (and lots of salt)
    • rice crackers and hummus
    • protein smoothie (blueberries, banana, spinach, kale, protein powder, almond milk)
    • FRUIT!

    Fruit seemed to be the only thing sweet enough to curb my sugar cravings (besides cookies and candy). I ate more apples, oranges, nectarines, peaches, and clementines than ever before.

    Yes, fruit has lots of sugar in them, but they are also full of nutrients. And at a time when the fetus is growing and I wasn’t eating a very balanced diet, I could use all the nutrition I could get.

    I was also hit or miss taking my prenatal supplements as it would often make me feel more nauseous or vomit after taking them, so nutrition was even more critical.

    I now understand why supplement companies recommend a higher daily dose for prenatals (ie. folate between 1g-5g, when 400mg is the minimum recommended dose for pregnant and prenatal women), because women often forget or can’t take them due to nausea.

    So I’m happy to report that I finally feeling back to my normal self, but the transition from eating junkie-type food (even the healthy junk… like granola bars, rice crackers, etc) will take a few days.

    I’m still not especially excited to cook or make a big salad for a meal, but at least I’m not turned off of veg and non-starchy foods.

    Eating a less than ideal diet has really thrown my skin and digestive system off, so I’m excited to get back to my healthier routine.


    -Mummy G

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