I Love My Sleep

  • August

    THERE ARE MANY THINGS that soon-to-be mummies worry about:

    • Affording all the costs that comes with having a child
    • To home-birth or go to the hospital
    • To get an epidural or try to do birth naturally
    • How to breastfeed
    • Will I feel an instant bond with their baby
    • Will I be a good parent

    And although I have many of these questions as well, my main concern is SLEEP.

    I’ve always loved my sleep… and I know how important sleeping well is for my mind and body.

    Ever since I was a little girl I needed 8+ hours of sleep each and every night. And I would panic and worry if I didn’t, especially if I had training the next day.

    You see, when you do a highly competitive and dangerous sport like artistic gymnastics (that’s the one will all the flipping on the bars, beam, floor and vault) you have a keen sense of “being on” and “being off”.

    An off day could have you really injuring yourself.

    I remember my brother almost falling asleep at the wheel.

    Boy that was a scary thing to see.

    Both my brothers work night jobs in the hospitality industry, and so they had completely opposite schedules to mine.

    There were mornings as I was getting up to go to gymnastics, they were just coming home. Sometimes, that was the only time I got to see them for a whole week.

    When I was in high school, I remember my brother picking me up to take me home. He had a really late night and I don’t think he had sleep that whole night or day.

    His eyes were heavy.

    And as we sat in stop and go traffic, I watched his eyes. They started to half close with random jerks to wake himself up.

    We inched up along the highway as his eyes would flutter open, close, open, close, half open, close, close, close…

    I was staring at the car in front of me and nudging him anytime he needed to creep forward.

    I’ve had felt that type of exhaustion only a handful of times and it makes me nauseous.

    I value sleep and couldn’t imagine functioning day-to-day so exhausted.

    What currently worries me the most is the impact of sleep deprivation. I’m sure there will be times where I will need to drive, cook, run errands or work on my business and I won’t be working at 100%.

    I also don’t want to be grumpy, short-tempered or resentful to my future children.

    Having babies is a blessing of course, but if you’ve ever been around a totally exhausted mummy, you’ll know it’s not always easy to think of them as angels.

    Thankfully, the human body is a beautiful thing.

    I’ve heard from several mums (all who love sleep as much as I do), that the woman’s body adjusts. When you are in your third trimester you often get up in the middle of the night to use the toilet, sort of priming your body to get up in the night.

    And as you get closer and closer to your due date, one mummy friend said she just stopped needing as much sleep. She would wake up early and just not feel tired!

    Amazing… I hope this is me.

    I know that life will change when babies come, but I hope that I am able to still be me and make time for the things I love to do.

    Sleep being one of them! And luckily I am great at napping 😉

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