I’m Launching a New Site

  • August

    I‘M IN THE PROCESS of launching a new site… for mummies.

    I’m so excited for it because it will be a mummy resource like no other I’ve found so far!

    I’m a Naturopathic doctor and so I know many of my colleagues who have a special interest in women’s health, fertility, pregnancy, breastfeeding and pediatrics.

    However, I’m also an online marketer and work with lots of fitness and health professionals all over the world. These women (and men) are among the best-of-the-best when it comes to high-quality, researched but also personal experiences of mummy-hood.

    I was originally going to call the website “Mummy G”, (aka. mummy group, mummy Goodman), but now I think I need to really set this site up different from the rest. I don’t want a cutesy site… I want something professional but easy to navigate. It will be a place to find high quality, well-researched and relevant information that any mummy is looking for.

    I need a new name… and I need your help.

    So I’ve been doing a bit of scouring the net for great mommy sites. So far I’ve not been impressed.

    Many of the sites are similar to this blog… stories of a mum or soon-to-be-mum, but without much quality information. Many sites are full of ads, giveaways and review.

    And I get it… as a pregnant woman or new mum you will start off writing from your experience, but when that doesn’t take off (because it’s freaking hard to become a million dollar blogger) writers often resort to doing reviews for companies so that they can get freebies.

    Freebies are addictive.

    Once you become known as a well recieved review sites for parenting and baby products, you will start getting lots of “free stuff”. But remember, this isn’t actually free as you’ve worked your butt off to get your site to this point and a free $5 baby bottle is not actually worth the 3 hours you worked to make the video or post.

    But it’s something… right? If you aren’t getting paid money you may as well get stuff!

    And once you get enough stuff you can start to do giveaways to entice your audience to subscribe and up-vote you on whichever top mum platform you are trying for.

    Then you get more views and pump more ads and start making some money! Woohoo…

    Meanwhile, you are working way more hours and spending more buying the latest baby gadget or mummy tool to keep up. And your site starts to lose the integrity that it started with. It’s no longer about you helping other mums and sharing your experience, it’s now about getting views, giving away useless “baby crap” and encouraging materialism (to your audience and family).

    Unfortunately, this is the model of most mum sites.


    It’s very easy to turn your blog into your full-time job, but it’s hard to generate income in a spam-free way.

    The next time you scan mummy blogs, see how many have ads… better yet, see if you can find any without ads.

    It’s hard to find because it’s hard to consistently pump out great information and financially support your family on a blog alone. It takes time.

    And it’s not only an investment of your time, but it also takes some capital to start. Every year you are spending at least $460 on your “passion project”:

    • Domain = $20/yr per domain
      (Often I have several for the same name- ie. .com, .org, .ca, etc) = $60
    • Web hosting = $15/mo = $180
    • Email marketing platform = $10/mo = $120
    • Membership site or paid web template = $100
    • Web design team (Optional) = $7000?
    • Coaching (Optional)  = $1000?
    • Conferences (Optional) = $2000- 5000?

    So needless to say, it’s tough work that requireds consistent effort without much reward for the first couple of years. And even if you do resort to reviews, giveaways and ads, it’s not often enough to live on after all your expenses are paid off.

    So why am I starting a Mummy Website?

    1. I think it’s needed – I think a high-quality, well-rounded mummy site that has information certified by health experts is necessary. Too many sites are purely based on a single mummy’s experience without the big picture. Too many times mummy sites and forums are promoted by fear mongering. Too many sites make money off of ads and product giveaways, which make them very biased and unethical

    2. I’m in a fortunately position – I’m in a unique position where I am a Naturopathic doctor and have built a huge online community of health care practitioners who are super intelligent and passionate about mums. I have the unique opportunity to reach out to all of them to get the most well-rounded view of mummy topics and reliable health resources. I can create a site free of ads, biases and reviews. I can base the entire site off of only the best high-quality information out there.

    3. I’m selfish – As I personally enter mummy-hood I want to know all the research and information for myself. I want the best for my children and so by me doing the research for you, you also get the best. And if there are controversial pieces of information, I want to know about it. I am not a hippie, or am I a research scientist but I can appreciate both. I care about my health, which means I don’t want to pump chemicals in my body (unnecessarily), but I will also look at the evidence for life-threatening conditions or epidemics. I need a balanced view of health that isn’t driven off of fear in either direction

    I need your help to name the site.

    Please sign-up for the free Facebook group to submit your website name as well as any topics that you’d like to learn more about.

    If you are a mummy expert, introduce yourself to our group! We love meeting new advisors who can share their insights and quality information

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