Learning to Listen

  • September

    UP UNTIL THIS WEEK I’ve been feeling pretty good. A little nausea, but full energy and sleeping well.

    But this past week, my stomach has been feeling funny. And I’m not sure if it is the pregnancy or just my troubled gut.

    I’ve always had trouble with my stomach and unless I eat extremely clean, sleep well and don’t stress out too much it seems to stay under control.

    A couple nights ago, I woke up at night (which I never do) and went to the washroom.

    I had soft stool that was difficult to release and the sensation as if my period was coming.

    It had me so freaked out because I was worried that I was going to lose the baby.

    Now for most people, including my mummy friends, miscarriage isn’t often on the top of a pregnant woman’s mind.

    That is unless she’s already gone through a known miscarriage. And you see, I have. And I know many women who have too… patients, friends, family members, etc.

    Miscarriages are common. I wrote about it in a previous article.

    But when you’ve had one yourself, it changes the story. It personalizes a statistic and makes it a real concern.

    But it also reminds me to have compassion for myself, to trust my body, listen to my body and not push it too hard. Mentally or Physically.

    Weekly dragon boat

    For the past 5 summers, I’ve been part of a dragon boat team. It’s a school team that isn’t highly competitive, but really fun. This year, I decided to not only paddle with the school team, but also the more competitive team.

    Now when I say competitive, this is relative. Often in my mind when I hear the word “competitive” I immediately revert back to my days training for gymnastics. Practicing over 30 hours a week from 7:30 until 6pm with only a short break in the day for school.

    This was my life for 10 years.

    Dragon boat is NOT competitive in that respect, but I am training 3 times a week with additional work outs. But more than the time spend working out, is the intensity.

    It’s hard for me not to go “all out”.

    Even this blog for example. It wasn’t enough to just do once a week or once a month or when ever I feel like it, I wanted to commit to a daily blog and stick to it. And trust me, there have been days when I haven’t wanted to write, or felt lost for words.

    This all-or-nothing mentality occurs often in my life and this pregnancy has made me take a step back to re-evaluate the big picture.

    I’m now needing to care for 2 people and I can’t afford to over-stress my body or mind without taking some down time to recover.

    These next 2 weeks are my recovery from pushing hard trying to build the MummyCare community and website.

    Today I was feeling tired and nauseous.

    I definitely didn’t feel at my optimal today. So I took it a little bit easier. I sat on the couch and paced myself. After my morning calls, Jon and I took a leisure walk to the water and hung out. He’s also in the middle of a HUGE launch and so is quite stressed and definitely working hard.

    So I considered not going to my practice today, but instead of all-or-nothing, I thought some movement will be good for me. And I was right.

    I took a leisure bike down the waterfront, not caring that other cyclists were passing me by. Listening to my body and it felt a bit sluggish and queasy. But during practice I felt great. That extra adrenaline, doing some practice races, the team energy and the distraction from feeling bad was exactly what I needed.

    Again, I biked home slowly, but I at least felt refreshed and energized to get a little more work done that night.


    And this weekend as Jon grinds out his Online Trainer Certification launch I will be at a dragon boat competition. It will be a great opportunity to get out of my head, take some time to be social, relax and get some physical exertion out!

    Then, we will take some real down time as Jon is surprising me with 3-days out of town. It’s not a huge trip, but it will be enough for both of us to recover and get our heads back in the game for our online work.

    Some stress is good… really good. It makes us stronger, more resilient, more fit and capable of taking on just a little bit more. Chronic stress however, is not good.

    The mind and body needs a chance to recover. So go ahead, go hard… just make sure to take some time to rest. And if you aren’t feeling 100%, it’s also okay to listen to your body and take it a little bit easy.

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