Mummy’s Health First… Pregnancy Second

  • August

    WHEN YOU TRAVEL as much as Jon and I, you are bound to collect a few nasty bugs along the way.

    After seeing a Naturopathic doctor of my own, I realized that I am still carrying around some parasites and amoebas.

    When a woman is considering conception, it’s so important to start with her own health first.

    Not only would having parasites in my body make it potentially dangerous for a fetus (ie. competition for nutrition) but also harmful to me. Not to mention challenging to treat while pregnant because if you are trying to kill microorganisms, the treatments won’t be able to isolate parasites from the fetus.

    Even if your only goal in life is to be a mother, once you are a mother, it will be much more difficult to find the time and energy to take care of your personal health.

    If you forget to take your vitamins now, imagine once you have a new born who is always needing your attention.

    Good luck trying to find the time to go for regular check-ups to the dentist, optometrist, acupuncturist, chiropractor, massage therapist and doctor’s visits, let alone taking your vitamins, supplements and tincture several times a day.

    It’s also important not to forget that there are many supplements and medications that you shouldn’t take while breast feeding.  So make sure to check with your doctor about when it is safe to start back up on your treatment protocols after labor and breastfeeding.

    While you may not have made your health a priority previously, if you are considering getting pregnant, now is the right time to do it. Focus on mum and dad’s health first.

    Visit your medical team to ensure you have a safe and healthy pregnancy. And don’t forget to practice your pregnancy preparations for a few months before trying to conceive.

    It’s important to understand that having a child takes physical, mental and emotional health. It’s not just having unprotected sex!

    It’s not uncommon for a woman to miscarry their first pregnancy. Many times a woman isn’t even aware of a miscarriage as it can be disguised as a heavy period or irregular menses.

    The body is a brilliant machine. It knows what is needed to create a viable baby and can spontaneously abort if the conditions aren’t right. So if you are having trouble conceiving, don’t give up. All it means is that mum- and dad-to-be needs to have a full physical and lab work up done to ensure they are in good health.

    But even if you are living with a disorder or disease, this doesn’t mean you can’t still conceive or have a very healthy baby. If you have a chronic or genetic condition make sure you have a health care professional monitoring your health while you are trying to conceive.

    Take care of your health so you can take care of your baby-to-be.

    So I will focus this cycle on taking care of my digestive health so that I have the best chance of a healthy pregnancy and baby.

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