My Birth Plan

  • November

    Last night I had the most vivid dream.

    After falling asleep while reading Ina May’s Guide to Childbirth, I had a clear dream about what an ideal birth for me would be.

    Now obviously I don’t get much of a choice in how my labour turns out, but I do believe preparing (physically and mentally) while staying flexible to changes that need to occur is a good plan.

    I remember being in my parent’s home. I was in bed with my husband when the first contractions started. Knowing that early labour can last days, I tried to take the wise advice of many, which is to get as much rest and sleep as possible.

    With my birth tub in the room next door I felt at ease to take my time and rest.

    We must have called our midwives and family about the onset of contractions because I was surrounded by so much love. It wasn’t overwhelming however. It still felt private and romantic. There were 4 or 5 people in the room. My husband, midwives and doula, I presume, although I couldn’t make out anyone’s face besides Jon.

    The waves of contractions were getting stronger but not uncomfortable. I remembered an interesting line from Ina May’s book that I’d never heard before.

    “I am HUGE”.

    Now the context of this line was not referring to the girth or size of the labouring woman, rather her mantra regarding her vagina.

    The labouring woman was talking to her vagina and allowing it to get HUGE to allow the baby to pass through without tearing or pain.

    So in my dream I remember repeating, “I am HUGE, I am HUGE“.

    Such a funny thing to say and think while in labour, but it was working. I didn’t expect to be in active labour so early on and was still lying in bed when our baby literally slid right out of me with one whole body release. I laboured for less than 2 hours!

    And I didn’t even “push”. It didn’t have that tension or straining sensation. It was an opening of my pelvis while my body allowed the baby to come out easily.

    We had a baby girl and she was placed on my chest immediately without being cleaned first. We breastfed and bonded with my husband before the rest of our family came in to welcome our baby girl.

    There was lots of hugs, kisses, tears of joy and the room was exploding with love.

    I specifically remember my dad taking his granddaughter into his arms hesitantly. Worried about how he was holding her and making sure she was comfortable.

    It was magical.

    I woke up feeling like the birth was real. Like I knew we had a baby girl.

    Time will only tell. Next month I will be getting the Anatomy Ultrasound done while in Thailand and we will likely find out the gender.

    Preparing for the labour of our first child is very exciting, but I know it’s only a small part of the huge journey ahead of us.

    Many pregnant women focus so much on the pregnancy and labour, but the real work starts after the baby is born. So as much as I will plan for a healthy and empowering birth, I also will prepare for a successful transition through postpartum and motherhood.

    It’s exciting, it’s invigorating and it’s a humbling experience.

    Being only half way through my pregnancy, patience is my biggest teacher. Enjoying each step of the way and being comfortable in the unknown. It’s easy to over-worry and have anxiety over the health of your baby during this time.

    Second trimester is definitely interesting.

    Less pregnancy symptoms and if you’re a first time mom, you might not start showing or feeling kicks until 3rd trimester. There’s a lot of uncertainty, so just take it day by day.

    Stay positive, stay active and eat fresh and nourishing food!


    Mummy G

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