My Last Period??

  • August

    SO, DESPITE THE EXCITEMENT of trying to get pregnant and have a child is also the idea that this could be the last time I truck around loads of tampons, pads and diva cups with me.

    This could be potentially my last period for the next year or so!


    I’m so tired of having my period.

    I’m the type that has at least 3 tampons and 5 pads in each and every purse I own. I’m always so paranoid that I won’t be covered at the worse time…

    • out to a fancy dinner
    • in the middle of a movie
    • at the pool
    • at the park
    • while I’m wearing white

    After so many years of having a consistent menstrual cycle you would think that I’d have a better idea of exactly when it will happen.

    My cycle runs every 30 days or so, but that moment of bleeding still gets me.

    Sometimes it happens a couple days after I think it will start. Other times right away.

    Often it’s at night, but not always.

    At least I have to be thankful that they aren’t nearly as heavy as when I was a teenager. I remember bleeding through my overnight pad, clothes and bed sheets. That even happened when I was sleeping over at my best friend’s place…

    Luckily, we don’t get embarrassed by that kind of stuff, and it also helped that she bled threw her sheets just the week before.

    Her mom was so confused why she was washing so many sheets.

    When I went on birth control it definitely helped with regulating the timing of my period but also the amount of flow.

    I was on the pill for nearly 10 years.

    It was easy, but it also gave me a false sense of “safety”. When you’re on the pill it’s easier to justify not using a condom because there is such a small chance of getting pregnant… but what about getting an STI?

    I can’t encourage the use of condoms enough. No matter how “uncomfortable” or annoying it is to put one on, you never know what infections others (or yourself) carries.

    You should be getting an STI testing between ever partner change, but they don’t test for everything. Also, many STI’s don’t show symptoms for a delayed period of time, and sometimes none at all!

    Condoms are necessary if you aren’t in a monogamous relationship with a tested partner, even if you are using a birth control method.

    I always recommend coming off the pill at least 6 months before you want to conceive. The manipulation of your hormone cycle while on birth control takes time for your body to regulate.

    In 2012, I came off birth control and it was really the choice my body made. Many people are scared to come off the pill because they are afraid of getting acne breakouts, heavy bleeding or that they will gain weight.

    I did get a little more acne and heavy bleeding, but because I was listening to my body, I didn’t question coming off the pill.

    My period had been consistent my entire life.

    I’ve rarely missed a period and only had a little spotting while changing birth control pills.

    Out of nowhere my period came in full force right in the middle of taking my pills.

    I never missed a pill… I was diligent that way… so there was no rational for the intermittent bleeding.

    I listened and came off the pill.

    But for a woman, there is a lot of responsibility to use protection, especially with new partners.

    If I could tell my younger self something, it would be to be more confident about your body and what you need.

    I was always worried about pleasing my partner that it often swayed my decisions… BOO, I say to myself now. Be proud and be confident.

    You only have one body, one life. You are in control of yourself and your actions. Own them. You never need to apologize for loving yourself.

    So now, I’m finally at the point in my life that I can confidently not be on birth control AND not use a condom!

    I trust my partner, I trust my body and I’m so excited to have this be potentially the last period I experience for a while…

    Even if it means I need to trade it in for labor and some incontinence!

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