New Brands, Contraptions and Baby Trends

  • September

    When I started joining Mummy Groups and Forums I was overwhelmed by all the new products, gizzmos, and MUST-HAVES for your precious little ones.

    It’s been similar to learning a foreign language with all the…



    Swaddle sleep sacks


    Prima Pappa

    Uppa Baby Cruz

    EUC Baby Bouncer

    Jolly Jumper

    Britax Marathon 65

    Fuzzy Buns

    Medela breast pumps

    and so many more confusing and complex names…

    But my question is, what is really necessary?

    Do you really need the high-tech stroller that folds up with 1 click of a button, has 5 different angles of reclining, can carry 2 kids and will glide effortlessly with only 2 fingers pushing?

    How more have we taken “safest” and “best”, when the “same-old” would do just fine?

    I wonder this when I chat with minimalist friends and ones who travel abroad with their little ones, especially to developing countries (not all inclusive resorts).

    I had a colleague and mum who lived in Bangkok for 1 year with her 1 year old daughter. Forget about high-tech strollers, cribs, and car seats… all she needed was a baby wearer (I think a sling and a backpack-type carrier) and she bought a $10 basic stroller when she arrived. She chose to co-slept with her infant so there was no need for a crib.

    Jon and I travel a lot. I once took a trip with a girlfriend who has 2 little ones and the amount of stuff they had to pack and carry seemed excessive, even though everything was very functional.

    But between the toys, the pack-and-play (this is a crib-like thing), and stroller for their 2 week vacation, this was twice the amount of luggage (at least) that my other girlfriend brought for a year!

    I can see how having multiple kids can make it far more challenging to handle, but not impossible to travel a light… or least that’s what I’m hoping for.

    But I love all the options. I love the idea of cloth diapers, borrowing from moms who’s kids have grown up, recycling clothes, but also getting good quality pieces that will be used over and over again.

    Quality and safety are important to me, but I still need to wonder what is actually necessary.

    I mean, since when are strollers $1000’s?

    Why do you need 7 baby carriers?

    Are diaper services really more economically and environmentally better than disposable?

    And of course I probably sound like an ignorant person (since I’m not a mum yet), and I bet most mums out there are saying… she’ll figure it out when she’s there, but I still think it’s important to question what is necessary and what is just nice to have.

    So if you are a minimalist with babies, toddlers or children, I’d love to hear your comments in our MummyCare FB Community. Add yourself and start a new thread talking about how you live minimalistically and what you believe are “must-haves” for you to live practically.

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