Oh My Beating Heart

  • September

    When you are in your first trimester of a pregnancy, a baby doesn’t always feel like a real thing.

    Besides the exhaustion and nausea, little else tells me that I am growing a little being inside me. I am not showing and I’m definitely not feeling kicks.

    I mean I only have a little raspberry inside of me.

    But today, Jon and I went to get an ultrasound done.

    It’s the first one I’ve had and they dated the embryo at 8 weeks and 1 day! Ahhhh….

    I know what you are thinking… “that’s so early”, “you shouldn’t be telling everyone”, but the truth is, if you are reading this, it’s probably months from the day I wrote it and you know what…. F*CK IT!

    I’m excited! I want to shout about my baby from the roof tops. And if for some awful reason our baby isn’t viable, guess what… it’s going to suck no matter what.

    I’d rather be able to express my excitement, stay positive and have a supportive community behind me along the way.

    And today, Jon and I saw the little beating heart of our baby!

    It brought tears to my eyes because it finally felt REAL.

    Being a Naturopathic doctor, I’ve seen my share of miscarriages, ectopic pregnancies and spontaneous abortions. I know the reality of it happening and it had me scared.

    Besides the fact of being nauseous and tired, I still had this fear that something might not be right.

    That feeling sucks. And although the technician isn’t there to diagnose or confirm the health of the baby, that BEATING HEART said it all!

    My little one is alive, growing and thriving. It’s living inside me and I am it’s protective and nourishing vessel.

    So tomorrow, Jon and my families are getting together and we will be breaking the news to them! I’m so excited.

    The $20 to purchase the CD of 4 images of my alien raspberry will be well worth it, but really, what a scam! $20!???

    What ever happened to a crappy little print out of that unrecognizable weird blob? lol…

    But I’ll take it! So excited to tell our families…

    PS. if you haven’t realized it already, you are family too!


    Mummy G

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