One Condom Left!

  • August

    JON AND I DECIDED a while a few years ago that I was going off birth control to let my natural hormonal cycle kick in.

    We tried a variety of different contraception methods (ie. spermicides, pulling-out, fertility tracking, etc), but none felt as safe or comfortable as using condoms.

    The rate of condom use is alarming… only 10% of people aged 15-44 years old are using them!

    And seeing how condoms are the next best think to “not having sex at all” in preventing STIs (sexually transmitted infections), I find this really surprising.

    So I wrote an entire article about condoms and how we need to continue to encourage teens, young adult, mature adults and yes, even elderly people to continue using condoms, no matter how much you may not like them!

    But, Jon was really great at supporting this idea to use condoms and so that’s what we’ve been doing… up until NOW!

    <dun dun duuuuuuunnnnnnnn> Cue scary music!

    We decided that now is a great time for us to start trying to conceive because, well, we are in a fortunate position that we can both work from home… and things tend to work out for us… knock on wood.

    We decided that Aug would be a good month because when we reverse engineered the dates it worked out that we would still be able to travel this winter and be back to Toronto in the Spring to prepare for a Summer baby!

    We started counting on our fingers…
    Aug – 1 – September – 2 – October – 3 – November – 4 – December – 5 – January – 6 – February – 7 – March…

    At 7 months it would still be safe to travel home and the weather would be somewhat mild enough for our sensitive tropical living tootsies.

    Which means we would also be home for the summer with both sides of our families when the baby is born in May.

    The one thing that both Jon and I are good at is planning but then also being flexible when shit doesn’t work out quite how we want it to.

    I know getting pregnant isn’t always that easy. I know that many women try for months before conceiving. I’m not ignorant to the fact that many first pregnancies are miscarriages too.

    It’s a fact of your body that you cannot control these life happenings no matter how prepared you are.

    But I will still continue to prepare my body for the best chance at getting pregnant: eat well, exercise, sleep, take my supplements, etc., [article] and hope that by some miracle we will be able to stick to our timeline and have a healthy baby in the summer of 2017.

    Now it’s time to get practicing 😉

    Wish us luck!

    NOTE: you ovulate approximate 1 week after the first day of your period, so don’t expect to get pregnant at any point of the month. You have a window of about 5 days when sperm is viable and the egg is in the appropriate place along the fallopian tube to be fertilized.

    If you aren’t getting regular periods that doesn’t necessarily mean you aren’t ovulating, but for the best chance at getting pregnant you should see your Naturopathic doctor to optimize your hormones (FSH, LH, estrogen, etc).

    I would also recommend using a period tracker app or using your body temperature map to help you identify when you are ovulating.

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