Race You To The Top

  • October

    Yesterday, Jon and I went on a long hike with a bunch of friends.

    We are visiting Vancouver, BC and decided to take advantage of the natural beauty.

    We did a hike called, “Sea to Summit”, which turned out to be a 4 hour hike. It was moderate in intensity with only a little bit of scrambling.

    Normally, I love hiking and scrambling. And I’m pretty good at it for not doing a lot of it throughout the summer months… Ontario is pretty flat.

    However, with all my pregnancy symptoms and nausea, it’s been rough. And I was really worried that I’d get extremely out of breath, fatigued and not be able to keep up.

    I also hate making excuses for not completing something to the best of my abilities, and these friends didn’t know that I was pregnant. I didn’t want to look like a suck, but Jon and I also aren’t ready to start telling the world that we are pregnant, since we are so early on.

    I’m only 9 weeks and typically people don’t tell everyone (ie. people other than really close family and friends) until they are obviously showing or well into the 2nd trimester (ie. >12 weeks).

    I’m not against telling people early on since the chances of miscarriage or a spontaneous abortion can happen at any time during a pregnancy, and if something horrible were to happen then I’d want my close friends and family to be there to support me.

    But something to also consider is the “genetic screening”. Jon and I have had to preliminary talk and I’m just not certain what I’d do.

    If your fetus has a developmental retardation or disorder, would we abort? Of course you want to think about the potential life you are taking, but it’s also a physical and emotional stressor on the mother’s body.

    Having an abortion can cause scarring, complications and the emotional trauma for some, especially if it is later on in the pregnancy. The genetic screening occurs at 13 weeks and at that point the physical development of the fetus is relatively complete.

    It has eyes, lungs, heart, fingers and toes… but it’s also a huge responsibility to take care of a child with Down Syndrome or similar mental developmental abnormalities.

    It’s a question of morality and logistics that no one person can answer for a couple or single parent.

    And so, we haven’t been telling people our good news just yet. But I also didn’t want to look like a “suck” for not being about to hike the mountain.

    But, I did it! AND I FELT GREAT!

    I crushed the mountain, felt great doing it and I actually felt great for the rest of the day! For the last couple months my “morning sickness” didn’t kick in until the afternoons and it got progressively worse, where yesterday, I felt great all day.

    That fresh air and activity really helped kick my pregnancy symptoms out the door… and I hope for good!


    -Mummy G

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