The Downfalls of Knowing Too Early

  • October

    When you are trying to get pregnant it can be extremely exciting at the beginning.

    • Testing your LH levels to see when you ovulate
    • Having sex at the optimal times
    • Testing your hCG levels to see if you are pregnant
    • Testing again
    • And again
    • And again
    • And finally seeing those 2 pink lines!

    Once you’re pregnant you start booking your ObGyn or Midwife, maybe you get a doula, you schedule your bloodwork and first ultrasound, tell your family and really close friends…. and then, you wait.

    Once you have all your “ducks in a row”, you’re still only 8 weeks pregnant. And if it’s your first pregnancy, you won’t be showing for a while and likely not telling anyone outside of your immediate circle. And then the pregnancy symptoms kick in.

    Ughhh… you feel like crap and can’t tell anyone why.

    These past few weeks have moved so slowly. And it’s too early to tell and too early to show.

    It’s that lull period where you wait to feel back to your normal self and try to avoid binging on only junk food, but also trying to have compassion for yourself if you do.

    You are growing a human being inside of you and you want to burst at the seems trying to hold in your excitement, but also not vomit everywhere!

    The past few weeks have been hard, but our traveling has helped keep my mind preoccupied. From time to time I actually forget that I’m pregnant because my pregnancy symptoms (aka morning sickness) is starting to go away, little by little.

    And because I’m not showing, the initial excitement of seeing the dating ultrasound is wearing off. I alternate between worrying just a little that something might be wrong with the baby (because the nausea isn’t as bad) and forgetting that I am actually pregnant.

    It’s a strange limbo but I’m grateful that I am feeling a lot better and excited for our adventures to come.

    For the next 5 months, Jon and I will be traveling the World and we hope to continue doing it once the baby arrives too! We don’t want to feel stuck, trapped or confined to the typical home environment.

    We obviously want to be conscientious parents who put safety first, but we don’t need to be paralyzed with fear. Part of being conscientious parents is allowing our children the freedom to explore, have adventures, adapt to new surroundings and have freedom to be a curious child.

    Jon and I value creativity and pushing ourselves just outside of our comfort zone from time to time. We value challenge and see failure as an investment in your dreams.

    Being financially comfortable doesn’t have to mean living in a big house with fancy cars and going on all-inclusive vacations. To us, the true value of money is having freedom. Freedom to go after your dreams, try something new and maybe scary, make that investment into your growth and be willing to fail — hard… if necessary.

    We want to live an adventurous life no matter our life situation.

    And we want to instill those values in our children.

    Safety, support and community will always be a priority in our family’s life, but we also hold adventure, exploration and freedom up there too.

    Finding our balance in how we raise our children has to start with being good role models in our own lives.

    So Jon and I will travel while pregnant. We will do all the necessary tests and appointments along the way to make it work. And I will enjoy our adventures during this uncertain time when little is happening on the surface by a lot is going on inside.

    Here’s to feeling better and enjoying life no matter what your situation is.


    -Mummy G

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