Want Ongoing Access to PERSONAL GUIDANCE on Your Journey to Vitality?

I’ve designed a cost-effective strategy that allows me to privately answer your health and wellness questions each week. Find out how I can be your secret key to vitality below…

    We've already met in person and I've been able to complete a full intake and research your individual case. This means I won't be giving you generic advice and can provide you with the highest quality personalized guidance.

    However, one-on-one consultations can be quite costly and my schedule gets booked up fast. In addition, most follow-ups can be done rather quickly and don't require a full consultation. This is why I've developed a cost-effective strategy to offer you personalized guidance on a weekly basis.

    Whether you have questions about:

    • your treatment protocol
    • guidance on product selection
    • you're feeling "off", or
    • there's anything else you want to chat about, this is for you.

    The Vitality Program is an ideal way to supplement your one-on-one consultations with me.

    What's even better, I offer all new patients their first month of the Vitality Program complimentary along with a free 15-minute video Skype consultation!
    That's one full month of FREE one-on-one access with me during office hours AND a 15-minute consultation.

    Here’s how it works:

    Each week for 2 hours, I host office hours via Skype. The hours change each week and will be posted on my website at least 5 days prior. You can find the updated times here.

    During these 2 hours, you can login to Skype and send me a message. It can be about anything related to your well-being.

    If you can’t make the office hours for the week but still have a question, you’re welcome to write it in a message to me on Skype ahead of time in the format I advise. I’ll then answer your question during the office hours and you can login at your convenience to read the response.

    During office hours we can decide the best time for your 15-minute video Skype consultation to further clarify any questions you may have.

    **I am unable to answer questions via email. My office hours are an efficient way to have a private conversation and deal with any current questions that you have. This avoids endless emails back and forth and allows me to clarify your questions to ensure that I give you optimal guidance.

    Register Now Via the Button Below.

    The investment into your health is $99/month.
    Click the “register me now” button to get your FREE month of online support and 15-minute Skype consultation.

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    Upon clicking the registration button you’ll be taken to Paypal to complete your payment. You’ll then be routed to a secret page on my site which has my Skype user name and precise instructions on how to continue.