• May

    10 More Scientific Reasons to Drink Lemon Water

    ALTHOUGH WATER IS NOT A MAGICAL CURE for cancer, world hunger or childhood diseases, it does hold a top position in a healthy lifestyle and it’s ESSENTIAL for life! Water is quantitatively the most important nutrient for life [24]. Along with a healthy balanced diet, exercise routine, sunshine, and good quality sleep is hydration. Water…… More

  • March
  • January

    Teddy the Timid Poop

    ONCE THERE WAS A POOP WHO WAS SHY. His name was Teddy. Teddy didn’t like vegetables or water. Teddy liked to eat snacks while playing video games. Teddy didn’t like to go outside, he was always anxious. Teddy’s mom was not happy. She told Teddy, “You must go to the doctor and get checked out.…… More

  • November

    101+ Uses for Coconut Oil

    *Altered with permission by Jennifer of Hybrid Rasta Mama. While traveling through Thailand, by partner and I joked about buying a coconut plantation because it seems that everything now-a-days is coconut based! coconut oil coconut butter coconut shreds coconut water coconut milk and cream coconut flour and even coconut soya sauce (try it, it’s actually delicious)…… More

  • October

    Hypo-Allergenic Diet — Holiday Eggnog

    For more information on eating a Hypo-Allergenic Diet see the end of the post. What is eating a Hypo-Allergenic Diet? Hypo-Allergenic is also known as Oligoantigenic or Elimination diet. This means that we avoid eating the most common ingredients that cause people inflammation and digestive issues. IT IS NOT A DIET TO LOSE WEIGHT. It…… More

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