• July

    I love being a trainer. I love interacting with my clients and getting to know their personalities, physical strengths and weakness, and understanding their needs. I get a total high from motivating others to feel better about their bodies and more importantly themselves.

    Many trainers, and clients for that matter, know the exercises required to ‘get in shape’ and be healthy, but not many know how to execute their sessions in an effective manner.

    If you are interested in becoming a personal trainer or want to become a more successful one, I highly recommend checking out The Personal Trainer Development Center ( for great articles, interviews and resources. Jonathan Goodman is the founder of the PTDC and is recognized as the expert in providing current and potential personal trainers with the essential tools, beyond the exercise realm, needed to make Personal Training a lucrative and happy career.

    What Certification in Personal Training Should You Get?” is a four-part article series that I found particularly interesting. To learn more about major personal training certifying bodies and experiences by distinguished trainers, click here.

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