• July

    Over the last 3 months I feel my life has undergone a huge transformation and feel so encouraged that it will continue to keep improving. There has been an increase in my productivity and even more motivating, an improvement in the way I am thinking. Usually I over-think everything and worry myself about all the possible outcomes of my decisions. This often leads me to only take on the few things that I feel confident about being able to accomplish well. I realize that fear shows up in many places of my life and I let it stop myself from taking actions. I also let my feelings become more important than my principles and values for how I want to live my life. For example, one of my values in life is to love my family and support each other. However, I only reach out to them when it’s convenient for me or if I’m in a ‘good mood’. If I really put my family first, even during those times when I was stressed out or upset I would be able to acknowledge how incredible they were and appreciate that they were there to support me while I was struggling. I would also be able to empathize with their issues despite how I felt.

    I see myself as a helpful and caring person but I have just begun to realize that I only know how to help people from my perspective. When I put myself in other people’s shoes, I imagine what I would do in those circumstances. However, I am not actually ‘living in their shoes’ or else I would take the view of what that person is feeling and thinking. My priorities have NOT been for others. The actions that work for me in a given situation are not appropriate for all people. I cannot start to imagine how someone else feels unless I ask them and find out from them. And I mean really listen to them. Really care about what they are going through and dedicate my full attention to being with them.

    I have learnt so much from my parents when I listen to them from a place of empathy and compassion. They are no longer people who ‘have to’ take care of me and love me. They are real human beings dealing with big issues. Issues that I may not have appreciated until I took the time to be present with them.

    So, what has brought me to these great break-throughs? I wouldn’t be able to pin-point 1 thing, and as usual, it is a combination. Five of my top motivators over the past 3 months have been:

    1. Doing the Hypo-Allergenic Diet. (Thanks to my great intern at CCNM!)
    2. Getting complete with a very important relationship.
    3. Getting my Homeopathic constitution. (Thanks to more great interns at OCHM)
    4. Landmarks Education. (Thanks Danielle)
    5. Getting inspired by those who care about me and taking actions consistent with the things I want from life.

    Stay tuned for follow-up blogs about what these 5 motivators are and what I got out of them for the life I am creating.

    What are your thoughts about my post? I want to hear about the things are you doing with your life. How have your been inspired and motivated?

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