• July

    After 13 years of Primary and Secondary School, 4 years at University, 3 years of a Doctorate Program, and 1 month at a Traditional Medicine Program in India, somehow I still don’t feel I know enough.

    I realize that learning never ceases, but when do I gain the confidence in my abilities and give myself credit for all the education I have gained so far?

    With my classmates entering their practicum year at the Robert Schad Naturopathic Clinic and others preparing to write their 1st board exams for NPLEX, I question if I’m ready to help people with REAL problems and not hypothetical case studies.

                Does knowing ‘everything’ make you a good doctor?

    I challenge that as much as a solid foundation of science is crucial, the art of healing is working with your patients to find out what their root issues are, knowing how to find the information required to support them, and the experience of hands-on treatment. I believe that this art takes practice and will only be achieved by ‘stepping-up-to-the-plate’. Go preceptor, volunteer, and intern with as many health professionals as you can. Pick their brains about their successes and difficulties. Be courageous and ask those questions that you think you should already know. Take action and be confident that your education is valuable to your community right now!

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