• July

    Despite being on vacation in sunny California, I want to send a special note to all my classmates who are studying for the NPLEX board exams. I remember my intense month of studying in July last summer putting in 8 hours a day at various coffee shops and working as a personal trainer. Board exams are frustrating because you can never study enough and the endless resources can be overwhelming. From class notes and NPLEX courses to textbooks by USLME andHealingMountain, there is always more to know and you don’t know exactly what will be asked.

    The best advices I received was to take the day before the exam off (or at least partially off) to relax and do something nurturing for your body and mind. I enrolled a classmate of mine, who was also writing NPLEX-I, to make sure I followed through. We had a great day of hot yoga, lunch and relaxing.

    Board exams are different from regular CCNM exams. It’s not wise to cram and study to the last minute because the information retained will mainly come from your short-term memory and specific details may detract from general concept questions. I found it much more effective to give my brain a rest and allow the long-term, broad knowledge be the main tool for writing the NPLEX exam.

    Best of luck studying for and writing the NPLEX exam.

    Do you have any tips for your fellow students? Please share them below.

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