• August

    Today I tried out all of my new gear that I purchased for my ‘Give-it-a-Tri’ race this coming Saturday. This will be my first ever triathlon and so I needed to pick up a few essentials. Using a great article, “Top 10 Triathlon Essentials” by Jacque Crockford, I picked up the items below, all for about $100 (some I had before or borrowed them to save money).

    Item Cost
    One-piece swimming suit $30
    Quick-dry bike shorts (tight fitting and longer to avoid chaffing) $30
    Loose quick-dry T-shirt $15
    Nose plug $5
    Swimming cap $2.50
    Bike (borrowed from a friend) 0
    Helmet (had already) 0
    Running shoes (had already) 0
    Sunglasses for running/biking $20
    Goggles (had already) 0
    Small sports towel $10
    TOTAL $112.50 +tax

    Is there anything I might be missing?

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