• August

    After registering for the ‘Give-It-A-Tri’ mini triathlon a few days ago (read my post here), I was motivated to prep for the race out of fear and excitement. I have 9 days till the event!!!! AHHH… I’ve given up on a specific training regiment (since it is so close to race day), so I’m just going to do as much as I can with the amount of days that are left…. Here we go!


    Yesterday, I did an hour of resistance training.

    Today, I ran for 6km and biked for 12km.

    Tomorrow, I will swim 600m and bike/ run.

    Saturday I will do a mock race.


    I need some advice. I’ve never done a Try-a-Tri before. What should I wear in terms of swimming and bike attire? I am not a coffee drinker/caffeine-pill taker, what kind of energy drink/gel is best for me? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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