• October

    My very first date I was a nervous wreck. I was 17 and never gone on a date, let alone kiss a boy. We went to the movies and I felt so intimidated the entire time (I remember not knowing what was going on in the film). When the movie was over, we stayed in the theater talking until everyone was gone. We were alone. And then the kiss. The first kiss. My first kiss. For anyone who knows me, I sort of take an ALL-OR-NOTHING approach to many situations in my life and so I went for it. Went for it hard. I grabbed his tie (we went to a Catholic school and wore uniforms) and pulled him in. Butterflies flip-flopped all over the place during those few seconds. The kiss was intense, clumsy, and definitely sloppy. I was on a high for the rest of the night and probably the whole week not really sure of what had happened.

    I love the risks of going for something even especially if you don’t know how it will turn out. I’d love to hear about YOUR FIRST KISS experiences. Thinking about mine recreates those feelings all over again.


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