• October

    No, not that type of grass. I mean the legal greenery that we spend so much time watering, de-weeding, aerating, seeding, and spraying with chemicals and fertilizers every week or month. The grass that is better manicured than my own nails (no joke). All this work to what… look at it? It’s not a piece of art (although I would argue that many people’s gardens are). Grass should be walked upon and enjoyed, especially best with bare feet. The next nice day, please park your butt down on a piece of grass and enjoy nature, even give it a smell (a little weird, I know, but it smells so good).

    I joked with some of my colleagues when wondering how much of the chemicals that litter our grasses would trans-dermally (through the skin) be absorbed into our bodies when we walk bare foot on our perfect looking lawns? Hmmm… maybe grass is best left to be admired rather than used.

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