• October

    After getting back from the UWO Homecoming weekend with some of my cheerleading girlfriends a couple weeks ago, I realized that the friends who I am closest with are all those who I have trained in a sport with (with only a few exceptions). There is a bond that is created when you sweat, hurt, cry and sometimes puke with another person (and not just when you’re drunk). When I push my body to its utmost limits it makes me think as though only the other people working just as hard as I am could ever imagine how I feel. When I give 100% I don’t have the energy to care about how I look or judge how others appear. There could be snot dripping from my nose, my hair a complete mess, sweat pouring out of every part of my body, and I could be wheezing uncontrollably, and I still couldn’t care. I could say that in those moments I am in my most vulnerable state but also most empowered. There is an animalistic, raw and untamed energy of trying to just survive. I’m not thinking about anything but just getting through the next moment. I remember using my other team members as a support network to power through another hill sprint all the mean time yelling encouragement.

    I see common threads with my gymnastics’ friends, but also with my CCNM classmates. I have a very tight group of friends at school and although most of us have exercised together, that’s not what really ties us. For me it was the struggle of classes, assignments, but most of all exam time. Exam time at CCNM is the worst. So much information and so little time. When you have 1-2 exams everyday for 5 consecutive days, you begin to lose it mentally. You rely on your friends to suffer through with you until you make it out to the other side. There are tears, pain and often delirious moments. You laugh because it’s so hard, and you cry because you’ve only slept 5 hours in 3 days. As the count down through exams nears to the end, the comradeship and support intensifies. Everyone is suffering together. And when we all make it through, you better be sure that we all celebrate together! That’s why I love the struggle, because it makes the other side so much more rewarding. To all my best friends, I love you all. Thanks for the tears, sweat and support.


    Good luck to all going through exams in the next couple of weeks. The snot, sweat and tears are well worth it!

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