• November

    I just experienced an incredible day full of love and compassion!

    After a full day of inspiration during the Gathering (see my previous post) at CCNM, we celebrated by going downtown for some food, music, laughter and story sharing. We spent the day ‘learning about the Vis and the evening became ‘living the Vis. It was pure energy and flow from the time we left CCNM till the bus ride home.



    Myself, 6-7 other CCNM students and Dr. Paul Epstein rode the TTC Subway and Streetcar down to the Harborfront. On the way we met up with a group of teens going to a ‘Deadmau5 Concert’ and they began chanting Paul’s name and trying to encourage him to go to a rave. The energy was electrifying to the point where we missed our stop and had to walk back to get to the restaurant. We arrived at Watermarks and there was incredible conversations happening between students and students, elders and elders, and between students and elders. The room was filled with love and openness to share stories. The music began with violinists, singers and drumming. Dr. Larry Nusbaum did an amazing job leading the sing-a-long and before you knew it everyone had a noise maker and was dancing, including many of the Elders. It was spontaneously exhilarating and I was so present to the Vis in Action. I was dancing, singing (despite being very shy about my singing voice), and totally uninhibited.









    The energy continued after we left the pub and proceeded to our homes. A group of us sang the whole walk down to Union Station. When we arrived, some of us parted ways and the Subway ride served as a great way to reflect and share about the amazing events of the day and night. While on the TTC there was a group of teens coming back from an event of some sort with a HUGE bouquet of balloons, which made my heart sing and laugh.

    What a magical day. I can’t wait to see what’s in store for tomorrow! Good night.

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