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     The CCNM Geri Care Club introduces the topic of…

    Suicide and the Aging Brain.

    The purpose of the Geri Care Club is to bring awareness and encourage discussion around the various topics of Elderly Health Care. This is a student initiated project to better prepare soon-to-be practicing Naturopathic Doctors and support the Geriatric population.

     Tea and Snacks Provided.

    All are welcome to attend.

    TheCanadianCollegeof Naturopathic Medicine

    1255 Sheppard Avenue East,Toronto,Ontario,M2K 1E2

     Wednesday, February 1st, 2012 (1-2pm), Class room 4

    Please contact or for more information.

    Look out for amazing speakers lined up for February and March:

    • Feb. 29th (1-2pm) Suzanna Bliss is a CCNM Student as well as a Clinical Herbalist who will be discussing “Natural Therapies to Help Preserve Your Mind and Heart”.

    • March 28th (1-2pm) Dr. Angela Hunt is a practicing Naturopathic Doctor and will be covering Osteoporosis and Osteoarthritis .

    If you are at all interested in speaking or would like to bring in someone who can contribute to the discussions please have them email myself ( or Carole (

    Thank you for your interest in supporting the Geriatric population,

    Alison Chen (ND Candidate)

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