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    Back in November of last year I decided that I wasn’t going to let myself get lazy over the winter season (as I normally do) and create a training regiment to maintain my fitness level.  Being human, I knew that just saying that I was going to work out 5 times a week wasn’t enough to keep me accountable to exercise regularly. Knowing my competitive nature, I needed something bigger to train towards, a goal. Not just any goal, it had to be challenging and a little bit scary, actually, A LOT SCARY.



    TRAINING… For a Fitness Competition

    I decided to compete in a Fitness Show. I’ve never tried anything of this kind before. I’ve been a gymnast and a cheerleader, where you train to achieve skills and perfect routines, but I’ve never trained to ‘perfect’ my body. EKKKKK… Talk about intimidating. If you haven’t read my blog about “Body Image” please do, it will become quite apparent how intimidating this competition is for me.


    So after I took on this huge challenge for myself, I began to organize my schedule so that I made time to workout regularly and eat well. I already live a big and full life, as mentioned in a previous post on Perception of Overwhelm where I listed the numberous undertakings including:

    • Being a student at the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine and preparing for my clinical rotation in 3 month
    • Working as a personal trainer
    • Volunteering weekly at Eva’s Initiative
    • Organizing the 2012 Formal as Co-VP Social Representative at CCNM
    • Running my website to promote health awareness and my professional journey
    • Attending monthly conferences and workshops
    • Participating in a weekly personal growth course series with Landmark Education
    • Developing an Integrative Health Care project for the Geriatric population
    • All the while, doing my best to build strong relationships with my family, friends and boyfriend

    So, how do I fit in 7 hours of training into my week? How do I not burn out or get overwhelmed? Well, in all honesty, I do get burnt out. I feel overwhelmed when I am not taking care of myself: Not eating enough or picking healthy choices, not delegating tasks out to others, not using my support networks to bring me back to earth, and not taking time off to shut my brain down. When I start creating tasks instead of choices and focusing on the negative things in my life, that’s when everything starts to shut down. Opportunities disappear and my optimistic view of the World narrows just a little bit more.  Basically, I get consumed with “doing it all and on my own” and with being “PERFECT”. These are daunting and unrealistic expectations. Pushing myself to be my best is one thing, while setting impossible standards is only setting myself up for failure. My greatest fear is BEING HUMAN. Sounds strange doesn’t it? Of course I’m human, what else would I be? But what is it really like to be human?


    – making mistakes and failing  —  asking for help  —  being wrong  —  not having all the answers  —  taking a break  —  being selfish  —  procratinating  —  needing support  —  having fears  —  having imperfections –

    TRAINING… To be Human

    1. RELAX! Not everything in life is a competition or a race.
    2. Stop taking life so seriously and have FUN.
    3. Acknowledge myself everyday for all the things that I do.
    4. Fear reminds me of how unstoppable I am capable of.
    5. Failure shows me that I’ve taken on something great, which pushes me to expand myself beyond my comfort level.
    6. Failure at something doesn’t mean that “I am a failure”.

      Laugh Out Loud

    7. Caring for myself allows me to care for other people NOT vice-versa.
    8. Schedule down time (still working on this one).
    9. Laugh out loud everyday.
    10. Showing and telling people how much you appreciate them can cure your soul.

    TRAINING… For Life

    “The way you operate today almost guarantees the way you will operate for the rest of your life”

    If you constantly say, “later I will be more…” or “I will do this when I am….” that day will most likely never come. If you are unhappy right now, later is not the time to be happy, RIGHT MEOW IS! Create opportunity and  enjoyment with whatever life deals you in the present. This may sound like crap, but it works! It may not be rainbows and butterflies all the time, but if you can see the ‘glass half-full’, life is no longer dreaded decisions but choices and opportunities that will empower you to live the life you deserve and love.

    I am my greatest critic and best therapist. I may have all the answers and still choose to self-sabotage. I realize that I need to take care of myself so that I can take on all the incredible feats that are yet to come my way. But, I will not be able to do it alone, not sanely at least. My support system is my ground work that keeps me stable and strong. Without my family, friends and most importantly Jon I would probably be lost among the clouds. Thank you for your roots that hold me grounded, the love that fills my heart and your support which brings courage into my soul.

    Look out for my future posts on Training for a Fitness Competition. Have any comments? Please write them below, or shoot me an email at

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