Eat More of What you Love

Day 2: Nutrition

**Track your diet with the Diet and Lifestyle Diary from Day 1 while making changes to your diet.

*What’s a nutritious and balanced meal that you love to make and eat?


Celebrate the fact that you have found something delicious that nourishes your body!

Make a mental list of all the healthy foods that you love to eat and start expanding your repertoire by trying new foods and recipes.

TODAY, take on one of “Today’s Challenges”. Once you make a choice, write it down on a piece of paper and keep that paper in your pocket all day as a reminder.

I’ve also included an optional “Bonus Challenge” if you’re feeling especially motivated today.

Today’s Challenge:
Pick one of the following challenges to take on today, check it off once you’ve accomplished it.

  • [  ]   Eat till you are 70% full OR LESS, with each meal
  • [  ]   Have your favorite lean proteins with each meal (1 palm-sized serving for women, up to 2 servings for men)
  • [  ]   Drink at least 4 glasses of water
  • [  ]   Have at least 7 servings of vegetable
  • [  ]   Eat at least one superfood (ie. blueberries, kale, spinach, salmon, green tea, wheat grass)
  • [  ]   Have green tea instead of one of your daily coffees
  • [  ]   Try a new green leafy vegetable

Bonus Challenge (optional): Remove sugars

For this week, remove refined and simple sugars from your diet. This includes fruit juices (that aren’t freshly made), bread, pasta, crackers, candy, milk chocolate, energy bars, dried fruit, etc. Watch out for hidden sugar in saucy dishes and preserved foods.

**Stick to rice-based products, fresh fruits and vegetables, lentils, beans, nuts, lean animal proteins, and healthy fats. Read more at

Sugars, carbs and starches all cause a spike then crash in blood glucose, leading to sugar cravings, erratic hormone levels, abdominal fat, mood swings, brain fog and exhaustion.

Not only do sugars cause physical imbalances, but it is one of the most commonly used poor stress management tools, aka “comfort foods” (aka. sugary carb-loaded coma-inducing foods).

Comfort foods give a temporary surge of dopamine (reward-based hormone), which allows you to disassociate from your problems, worries and chronic anxiety. This is almost always followed up by a huge sense of guilt and regret.

Wishing your issues away or distracting your thoughts from working on yourself further exacerbates a negative situation.

Many times our stress comes more from worrying about a situation rather than the situation itself. Our minds have a way of exaggerating problems (no matter how ridiculous), which creates even more anxiety.

Seeds of doubt can grow like uncontrollable weeds and wreak havoc on your dreams and goals <-- Tweet this.

This is a week to face these insecurities and vulnerabilities head on. This is a week to create healthier stress management tools that inspire, energize and free you from negativity.

Find your own way to release stress, then follow it up with the 3 B’s:

1) Release your stress without harming anyone, including yourself

  • Sweat it out with exercise
  • Get back in touch with nature
  • Yell underwater
  • Throw and hit your pillow
  • Journal, rip, then burn any negative thoughts
  • Have a good cry with a supportive friend
  • Spin and dance it out

2) Manage and resolve stress with the 3 B’s

**Make empowering choices and avoid hurting yourself or others.

  1. BREATH – get yourself back into a parasympathetic state to allow for clear thinking, nourishment of adrenals, and creativity.
  2. BRAINSTORM – Get your thinking hat on and figure out if your stress is something you can control or not.
    1. If it is something in your control start making a list and problem solve a positive solution.
    2. If it isn’t something in your control ( a gossiping colleague), you have 3 options:
      1. Change the situation (ie. ask that colleague to not gossip with you anymore)
      2. Change yourself while in the situation (ie. work with headphones on to cancel out noise and talking)
      3. Leave the situation (ie. move your desk away from that colleague)
  1. BELIEVE – With any negative situation there is always a silver lining – a positive solution that frees you from constant worrying. Don’t give up. Hold on to that positive step and work with it. Make a plan and carry it out.

Don’t allow your stressors to control you. You hold the power to be happy and free.