It's All About YOU

Day 5: Self-Care

Self-care is all about preventative and individualized medicine. Everybody is different. Even though everyone gets sick from time to time, you know your own patterns and obstacles to optimal health.

*How do you care for your physical, mental and emotional health on a regular basis?




If you could think of even 1 preventative health care measure for each of the topics above, congratulations.

If you couldn’t, not to worry, we’ve got lots of simple ideas that you may realize that you do already.

Preventative health care may be simple things like:

  • Spring cleaning your home
  • Doing a monthly fast
  • Being active each day
  • Smiling and laughing
  • Going outdoors
  • Taking your vitamins and supplements

You don’t have to run a marathon or do an invasive detox every week to take care of your health. I actually wouldn’t recommend it.

Small daily health habits lead to big changes (Click to TWEET). Before you know it you’ll be living a healthy routine and feeling great without the difficulties and stress that you’ve previously experienced with other diets and weight loss programs.

TODAY, take on one of “Today’s Challenges”. Once you make a choice, write it down on a piece of paper and keep that paper in your pocket all day as a reminder.

I’ve also included an optional “Bonus Challenge” if you’re feeling especially motivated today.

Today’s Challenge: Pick one of the following challenges to take on today, check it off once you’ve accomplished it.

  • [  ]   Re-evaluate your home and personal products. Use websites such as to check the safety of various ingredients
  • [  ]   Start your day with a glass of fresh lemon water
  • [  ]   Take alternating hot (3 min) and cold (30 sec) showers
  • [  ]   Practice dry skin brush before each shower
  • [  ]   Drink 2 glasses of dandelion or green tea
  • [  ]   Thoroughly clean 1 room of your home
  • [  ]   Hug at least 2 people today
  • [  ]   Book an appointment with your Naturopathic doctor to get a full physical exam and health evaluation

Bonus Challenge (optional): Do something nice for yourself

Yes - getting a massage, spending romantic weekend away, or going on a 7-day cruise is nice, but not always realistic. There are things you can do multiple times a day to treat yourself better.

Take a moment to sit and reflect. Listen to what your body needs and identify areas in your life that need more attention. How can you best promote long-term health and vitality? How can you treat yourself better?

Practice doing this on a daily basis: ask yourself, “What is the one thing my body needs right now?” It might be a drink of water, to go for a walk, visit the washroom, or to take a nap.

Don’t suppress those feelings - start acknowledging them. Be present to the needs of your body and honor them as best you can.

For example, if you need a nap but you are at work, take a minute to close your eyes and think of a way to create more energy on a day-to-day basis. Maybe you will commit to going to bed at 11pm tonight, or avoid eating greasy, gluten-heavy foods for lunch.

When you open your eyes, get up and go for a walk. Acknowledge that your body needs more energy and do your best to fulfill the need in the moment.

Make sure to listen to what your body really needs and not what you think your body needs. If you are tired, a chocolate chip muffin (although stimulating for your blood sugar levels) will not support your long-term health. This is an example of manipulating what your body needs to facilitate your short-term cravings.

Some examples of self-supporting practices that your body might ask for:

  • To get more sleep
  • To get up and stretch
  • To open a window and get some fresh air
  • To put on a jacket
  • To take out your contact lenses and put on your glasses
  • To go to the washroom
  • To yell really loudly
  • To take a sip of water
  • To get more exercise
  • To shower
  • To kick off your dress shoes
  • To be more creative

Have you been filling out your Diet and Lifestyle Diary?

Flip back to Day 1 and make sure you track at least 2 weekdays and 1 weekend. Notice any patterns so far?