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“A fun and educational tool for people of all ages”.

Created by a Naturopathic doctor, this book is more than just funny cartoons about poop. There is so much you can learn from paying attention to your poop. Gastrointestinal health is the window to mental, physical and hormonal well-being.

Your poo tells you more about your health than you ever expected, you only need to know how to read it. Now you can.

This is a great resource for teachers, parents, heath enthusiasts and physicians.

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“We partnered with Squatty Potty!”

The Squatty Potty is the perfect companion for this book.

Not only can you learn about your bowel health but you can assist your intestines by using the Squatty Potty while you are on the toilet!

A percentage of proceeds of this "Squatty Potty Special Edition: What Your Poo Says About You" will be donated to sanitation and clean water initiatives around the Globe.

Get one for each bathroom and a few spare for your friends.

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“A whimsical book about imagination, exploration and courage”.

"Adventure, Adventure Awaits For Us All" is for readers young and old. Prepare to smile and have your passion and desire for adventure lit up.

This book is a reminder that each moment is an opportunity to jump in head first, explore, and get lost in the wonders of the world.

May you find grand adventures at every turn in life and have the courage to embrace them to the fullest!

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Every year I put out a handful of child-friendly, cartoon-illustrated rhyming books about health.

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