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Frequently Asked Questions

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What is the DAILY DOSE Calendar?

Have you ever wanted a Doctor, personal trainer, nutritionist and counselor at your disposal? Wouldn’t it be great to get advice in your day-to-day life?

Most people follow some healthy strategies, but not on a regular on-going basis. Everybody can greatly benefit from basic healthy habits. These small modifications often make the biggest impacts on a person’s well-being, which in turn leads to a longer and healthier life. Preventative health care is the most effective way to minimize disease.

With the DAILY DOSE Calendar, you get just that-- Daily tips, challenges and education about being successful in your health, wealth, happiness and life delivered directly to your email inbox.Top


Why should I subscribe to the DAILY DOSE Calendar?

Success must come from all areas of your life to really dominate your life. Many people think money will solve all their problems, but financial success is not enough. Having the energy, strength, and vitality to truly appreciate what you have requires success in many areas— physical health and strength, mental acuity, emotional stability, financial freedom, social support, creativity and autonomy. This program is designed to target each of these aspects each week to create balance in your success.

When you subscribe to DAILY DOSE Calendar you get daily strategies to optimize your life. Making small daily modifications is much more manageable than huge life changes. Each day of the week has a unique challenge to ensure that each area of health is accounted for.

Days of the Week Challenges

  • Monday- fitness challenge
  • Tuesday- nutrition goals
  • Wednesday-cultivating gratitude and optimal sleep
  • Thursday- detoxification to strengthen the body
  • Friday- social, creative and financial challenges
  • Saturday- weekend chef, diary challenges
  • Sunday- building a community of supportTop


How much does it cost?

The DAILY DOSE Calendar is $19.99 USD per month. BUT…

I'm offering a discount for annual members of $199.90 USD for a year subscription ($39.98 off = 2 months free).

Click here to subscribe for the annual membership.

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How do I use the DD Calendar most effectively?

The 4 most important steps to be most effective with the DD Calendar is to be consistent- flexible- honest- and to challenge yourself...

Consistency- Set aside 5-10 minutes a day during the weekdays and 1 hour on the weekends to dedicate to completing the tasks and challenges. Find a time of the day for you to build a routine. Reading your tasks first thing in the morning or at the end of the day works great. Immediately, enter your task into your personal calendar with as much detail as possible. (I.e. Call Rebecca at 6pm today to go for a hike this Saturday)

Flexibility- Be understanding with yourself if you are unable to take on a task at the expense of your well-being or others that depend on you. Going through a particularly difficult time, focus on the Wednesday tasks of cultivating gratitude, rest and being grounded. No one is perfect so build in a flexible plan to keep you motivated and moving forward.

Honesty- When you take on a task do it with purpose and great intention. Enroll others to help keep you accountable and to motivate one another. Be as honest and willing to try something difficult or foreign to you. Reflect on the process and what you got out of it. Your interpretation is what is most valuable.

Challenge yourself- To have the most success out of this program, do the hardest tasks first! Each week there will be at least 1 more difficult task compared to the others to challenge you. Be brave and take it on!

Which tasks, challenges and exercises should I do?

All of the challenges are designed to be built upon one another. Feel free to incorporate your favorite (and most effective) strategies into your day-to-day life. Also feel free to pick and choose the challenges you want to take on, but I would recommend that you try each task at least once. The tasks that are more difficult will often deliver the most effective and life changing results. So be as honest as you can with yourself.

NOTE: Your NY resolution may very well be to complete each challenge as they come.

Each task can be performed on the day of the challenge, however it is most effective if they are repeated. All of these challenges are safe to be repeated on a daily basis.

When should I complete the exercises?

Purchasing a note pad, journal or sticky notes and keep it with you. Pick a time of the day (be as consistent as possible) and take 5-10 minutes to read over the daily task and complete it at that time. Try to avoid saving it to later or trying to get it perfect. Jot down your first instincts immediately, you can always make adjustments later on.

NOTE: If you choose to complete the challenges and worksheets in the evening, make a plan to follow through with that day's task throughout the next day. This will give you a clear direction for starting the day off with purpose.Top


Who is the DD Calendar NOT for? What if I have a serious medical condition?

The DD Calendar is for everyone. These are general wellness strategies that people of any age, gender or health background can benefit from.

But remember, although the DD challenges are safe for all people, there may be some exceptions. If you are living with a chronic, genetic or serious condition you must check with your primary health care physician before taking on any challenge. Your Naturopathic and Medical doctors may advice against particular exercises (i.e. fitness challenges, dietary or supplemental tasks).

For example, people why have physical disabilities or structural limitations may not be advised to practice all the Fitness Challenges in the DD Calendar.

If in doubt, don’t do it and ask first. You can always email me your questions to


Who designed the DD Calendar?

headshot2Dr. Alison Chen is an international Naturopathic Doctor (ND) who designed the DD Calendar as a way to support her patients in their optimal health journey. She trained in a 5-year intensive doctorate program at the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine, and is licensed and board certified in North America. Along her travels, has been shocked by the lack of holistic health care around the globe.

Being an ND has its limitations. We are not able to treat a person unless we see them in person and have completed a full intake and physical exam. It makes sense for a doctor to be as thorough as possible prior to giving a treatment plan, however that means we can only help those we see in person. This is why the DAILY DOSE Calendar is so effective at delivering the ‘Foundations of Health’ that every person can benefit from without needing the in person appointment.

The DD Calendar is not individualized care, but it will help millions of people live healthier, more preventative and sustainable lives.Top


What if I have questions about the exercises?

Each DD challenge will have a link to an article that further explains the exercise. If you are still confused I’m happy to answer any general questions at Please understand that in order to answer all email messages promptly I require the following email format:

  1. Include in the subject line: "[your full name] Question topic"
  2. Keep each email to a single topic
  3. Write in point form
  4. Be concise and keep to a maximum of 4 sentencesTop


Do people have negative experiences from trying a challenge?

If you experience a negative reaction or result from trying a challenge, note it in the “Physician, treatment protocol and symptom tracker” worksheet and stop the exercise immediately.

If the symptoms are severe or lasting longer that 1-2 days, visit your Medical or Naturopathic Doctor. If the results are extreme and emergent, visit your closest Emergency Room (ER), call for an ambulance or call 9-1-1.

Although the DD challenges are safe for all people, there may be some exceptions. If you are living with a chronic, genetic or serious condition you must check with your primary health care physician before taking on any exercise.

For example, people why have physical disabilities or structural limitations may not be advised to practice all the Fitness Challenges in the DD Calendar.Top


Can I use the DD Calendar instead of seeing my medical physicians?

No, the DAILY DOSE Calendar is not a substitution to seeing your local doctor. Annual physical examinations are necessary to maintain optimal health and professional guidance. Visit your Medical and Naturopathic doctor for general wellness check-ups and any specific health concerns.Top


Can I share it with my friends and family and even doctor?

Feel free to share any and all of this material. We actually encourage it! This program works best with community support. So getting your colleagues, family members and friends involved will only help you be successful. It also keeps things fun when you are taking on a challenge as a team. That’s why we offer the DD Calendar to you free when you share it. All I ask is that you send your community with the link below so that I can track how many people are benefiting from the program and to provide special offers to everyone via email.

Share this link -->

As you can see, this is not a money grab but a way to help support your optimal wellness and the health care system.

What, you mean like Doctors? Yes! Imagine you have your very own personal physician at your side giving you daily advice to keep you feeling energized and vibrant. When you bring in your forms to your doctor's visits, it helps the physician pin point potential causes for your concerns (i.e. via the diet and lifestyle diary), while keeping on top of your pharmaceutical and supplemental regiment. By tracking your progress, doctors can really see what treatment is having the greatest effect and which may not be as effective or even potentially harmful.

"A substantial body of evidence from international literature points to the risks posed by medication errors and the resulting preventable adverse drug effects. In the USA, medication errors are estimated to harm at least 1.5 million patients per year, with about 400 000 preventable adverse events [1]... Medication errors are also costly – to healthcare systems, to patients and their families, and to clinicians [4, 5]." -- Agrawal A. Medication errors: prevention using information technology systems. Br J Clin Pharmacol. 2009 Jun;67(6):681–6. [Free Article]

Medication errors and drug interactions are major reasons to utilize this program. Bring your entire protocol, including pharmaceuticals, botanicals, supplements and other treatments to every doctor’s appointment. Many people see several different practitioners (MD, Naturopathic doctor, Chiropractor, Physiotherapist, Chinese medicine doctors, etc) and each have their own treatment strategy and plan. If they are not aware of the other treatments you are taking, medication errors and drug interactions are more likely to occur.

Being human, we can also forget which physician prescribed what, at what dose, and for how long. Why rely on memory that is frequently inaccurate? By writing it down in your appointment the physician can ensure you understood their prescription and it’s an ideal way to track the effects of each treatments.Top


How do I cancel my subscription?

If at any point you don't wish to continue your subscription, just send me an email to with the subject [DD Cancellation] before your next billing cycle. Top


Do you have a hard copy of the DAILY DOSE Calendar?

Not yet! We are in the design stages of creating the DAILY DOSE Planner for 2017. It will have all of your forms, worksheets and places to track you daily tasks, challenges and notes. A compact planner that you can carry in your purse, knapsack or briefcase. To pre-order your 2017 planner please email

We will also be doing custom designs for Medical practitioners and giving bulk discounts for orders over 100. What a perfect gift to give to your patients for 2017.Top