Adios Amigos

  • September

    Most of you know by now that Jon and I love to travel. Each and every winter for the past 4 years, we have spent 5-7 months living abroad during the winter months.

    Yes, it’s to escape the freezing cold climates of Toronto, but it’s also to stay inspired, creative and always adapting to our changing surroundings.

    There is something to be said for being uncomfortable from time to time. Being okay with the unknown. And realizing what little you actually need to live on (monetarily and also materialistically).

    When Jon and I travel, we each have 1 carry-on sized backpack:

    • * Electronics: laptop, unlocked phone, kindle, iPad and relevant cables
    • * Toiletries: toothbrush, toothpaste, floss, sunscreen, sanitation wipes, Purell
    • * Supplements: prenatals, parasite prevention, probiotics
    • * Shoes: sandals, runners
    • * Clothes: 4-5 shirts, pants, dresses, underwear, socks, a jacket/ sweater
    • * Documents: passport, visas, local currency, photocopies of all id and credit cards
    • * Useful hiking supplies: water filtration straw, hammock, camel water pack, microfiber towel, rain cover, first aid kit, snacks, sunglasses

    You really don’t need much to live comfortably and everything is accessible now-a-days. You can get anything, practically anywhere.

    Jon and I are very nomadic.

    We don’t own anything, but we still have our roots to family and community in Toronto. But the difference is that we also have a traveling community of friends who join us on our travels and we are eager enough to create community where ever we go.

    Even when we come home to Toronto in the summers, we rent a fully furnished condo. We don’t need to worry about shopping, outfitting our space or packing it all away. We move in, and move out when we choose.

    We make our lives as simple and easy as possible to come and go because it’s what works for us. Not everyone is like this, but I do challenge you to think about what you would take with you if you had to live in a foreign country for 5 months and all you had was a backpack.

    What are the most valuable and irreplaceable items? And what would you leave?

    Discomfort is good.

    Sometimes, being uncomfortable is really really good. Especially when an uncomfortable decision pushes you to grow, expand and explore. When Jon and I explore the world, we aren’t only seeing new sites and cultures, but we are also exploring a vulnerable part of ourselves that we would never touch if we only lived comfortably.

    Taking regular acts of bravery and courage will help your business too. It will help you be less scared to make mistakes or “fail” because, well, it will happen. If you are okay with screwing up from time to time and see it as an investment of your time, money and experience, then you allow yourself the chance to WIN BIG. Because you can’t win if you don’t play.

    So as of Oct 2nd, Jon and I will be leaving Toronto and traveling for the next 5 months… and it will be an exhilarating adventure to say the least! We will be traveling to:

    • * Vancouver
    • * San Francisco
    • * Orlando and the Bahamas
    • * Kauai
    • * Tokyo
    • * Koh Phangan, Thailand

    Many people think, “Oh wow, what an incredible vacation” or “I wish I could do that”.

    It used to make me feel guilty, but I realize that everyone has a choice and I was in a fortunate situation to be able to choose – even when I was scared.

    I was trained to be a Naturopathic doctor. I was trained to work in a clinic and see patients. I didn’t know another way for a doctor to make money or build a career.

    Being nomadic was not a choice presented to me in medical school, but it was something that Jon and I wanted to do, so we figured out a way to make it happen. It wasn’t by luck or chance.

    That being said, there was a lot of luck on our side, but inevitably, we had to put in the work and creativity to make it happen. And we don’t “vacation”. When we travel, we are working. We are writing, building projects, creating valuable products, networking and a little exploring too.

    It’s the state of mind while traveling that allows us to see problems that our audience needs solutions to. When we step outside of our small bubbles, all of a sudden we have a different perspective of life. We can see the forest among the trees. And we have the freedom to think, act and be — in a way that aligns with our personal philosophies, while having empathy for others.

    So next week Jon and I take off. But that won’t mean we won’t be working or that you won’t be getting your daily updates.

    We’ve built a sustainable traveling lifestyle so that we can work from anywhere with good internet connection. That’s our one and only criteria for traveling (besides wanting a kitchen to cook healthy meals).

    So adios amigos…. Next week, I’ll be writing you from Vancouver, British Columbia!

    Mummy G

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