Baby Not Business

  • September

    The other day, Jon said something that really stood out,

    “Don’t make our baby about business”.

    It stood out because the whole process of getting pregnant and having a baby made me want to start the MummyCare website and community. I wanted to research and reach out to my community of health care practitioners to get the best information about beginning my journey into motherhood.

    So I started a Facebook group with my closest friends, which then grew into a practitioner platform where I am learning so much more than I thought.

    • Did you know that only 10% of water breaks happen BEFORE contractions begin?
    • Or that there is a different kind of breast milk, called colostrum, that babies drink for around 3 days before normal breast milk comes in?
    • What about choosing the best hands-free breast pump?

    It’s easy to get carried away, sharing my personal stories and challenges with fertility. It’s easy to use medical appointments to network and gain knowledge to use for writing articles.

    But this is our ONE chance to be first-time parents.

    This is a very special time for us to soak it in and really be present with our experience.

    And as much as I like the idea of being transparent in my journey into motherhood, there is something special and private that needs to remain sacred.

    My daily journals is tracking this experience, but it’s also available to the public. And although not many people will come across it organically now, it is still available and it will hopefully grow over time.

    So where is that line that I draw, where our family and my personal experiences are not to promote my business but something sacred to Jon and I?

    When you work online, there is lots of grey area.

    Talking about our travels and personal adventures is something that people love to hear about. Being vulnerable and transparent makes others feel closer to us. Showing our struggles makes us relatable humans.

    But there will always be some things that remain private. Experiences that only Jon and I share because it’s important to maintain trust and safety within our family.

    These lessons and boundaries I am learning all the time.

    However, the internet is less forgiving. Once that information is out there on the net, it is impossible to retract it, especially if it has spread to different sites and social media platforms.

    Those drunken pictures from university days will always be available somewhere. And guess what, Facebook and Google already have a record of all your information, and have already sold your preferences and buying patterns to larger companies.

    Just remember, if you haven’t paid for something (ie. Gmail, Facebook, Twitter, etc.) that means you are the PRODUCT!

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