Breastfeeding Nipples

  • September

    I HAVE WHAT I call “breastfeeding nipples”.

    One day, my nipples will make for a damn good latch!

    For most of my life I’ve been self-conscious about my nipples.

    However, it’s not only my nipples that I’m hyper-aware of. I’m self-conscious about the lines on my belly, the acne on my forehead and upper back and the multiple moles all over my body.

    We all have parts of our body that we’d like to improve upon. We all have moments of insecurity.

    And we all want attributes that someone else has.

    Humans are judging machines.

    Instead of trying not to judge, let’s change the conversations we are having in our heads.

    Let’s free up some mental energy and have more fun.

    Our bodies are smarter than we think. Our bodies are not fighting against us, rather on our team. The complexities of our body allow us to survive and maintain health.

    My nipples are designed to breast feed. My nipples are on team Alison.

    My rolls are fat pads for protection and a safe way to store excess energy.

    My rolls are on team Alison.

    My acne reminds me to eat a clean diet and re-check my states of mind, balance and stress. My acne is on team Alison.

    My moles are art. They decorate my body with the uniqueness of my character and personality. They are beautiful because I say so. My moles are on team Alison.

    My body is mine. My body is the only one I have so why not love it, cherish it and be proud of it.

    Being proud doesn’t mean you cannot strive to be a healthier, stronger, faster or smarter. It’s having acceptance, unconditional love and gratitude for all that you have.

    So yes, I will continue to wear dresses without a bra and no, I won’t apologize for my “breast-feeding nipples”!

    Embrace your body because it’s the only one you have.

    Take care of your body because you deserve it.


    Mummy G

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