Cravings are Luxuries

  • September

    Never before have we lived in a time where we have everything at our finger tips, no matter the day, time or really situation.

    No one is starving or doesn’t have access to food, which doesn’t mean people are not malnutrition, but there is ample ways to consume and get food.

    Which means cravings have now become a buffet to our freezers, phones or local pizza joints. It doesn’t take 3 hours to back a cake from scratch before you get to enjoy it.

    You can do a Betty Crocker 30 min cake, walk down to the nearest grocery store or even speed dial a bakery that delivers.

    There are so many options at your fingertips.

    But with my craving also comes a disinterest in food.

    No longer do I think about what I want to make for dinner earlier in the day. No longer am I enjoying trip to the grocery store. I actually feel a bit empty. The whole nausea thing has got me disinterested in real food, and craving snacks:

    • crackers
    • chips
    • ice cream
    • cheese
    • pickles
    • salty instant soups
    • candy
    • popcorn

    My tastebuds have gone to shit… and I can’t even enjoy the foods that I once loved or even the foods that I crave. It’s like the minute I indulge my body decides it wants something else.

    And don’t talk to me about meat. The though and smell of cooking meat turns me right off. I literally want to gag when I think about it… ughh.

    But today I tried to find some “healthier” substitutes for my salt and sweet cravings. I found that fresh fruits and veg sit well with me, but add in a little salty, and now we are talking.

    • Today I had avocado and salted boiled eggs on rice cakes with cherry tomatoes
    • Another good one is sliced apples
    • Tomato vegetable soup with salt also was a hit
    • And pickled vegetables too!

    It’s so strange when you are used to eating a very clean and healthy diet to all of a sudden get a physical repulsion to certain foods that you once loved.

    But the more “shit” I eat the worse I feel. And the less exercise I do, the worse I feel.

    So there is that fine line to give yourself a break and relax, but to also realize that it’s a snowball effect of feeling bad to worse if you let it.

    So regular attention to what I eat, my exercise routine, rest and how I think it key. Positivity will take you a long way.

    And realizing that your cravings will come and go as quickly as the nausea helps put things in perspective.

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